Smoke Screens

Smoke Screen Systems

At A.P.E Fire & Security Ltd we offer a wide range of fire and security products to help keep your property secure. We can tailor all our services to your premises and requirements.

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What is Smoke Screen security?

Our Smoke Screen systems are designed and installed to provide a highly efficient defence at your property for intruder deterrence and loss prevention. Our security Smoke Systems react and defend within seconds; their efficiency has been proven time and time again, preventing significant losses.

Security fog is both unexpected and confrontational which catches the intruder off guard. This gives the intruder less time to complete the robbery and affect their ability to see and navigate the property.
Smoke Screen Systems
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How does Smoke Screen security work?

How does Smoke Screen security work?

As soon as an intruder activates the alarm, artificial smoke is pumped into the room; an area of 100m² can be filled with smoke in less than 30 seconds. The largest unit we provide can be bolted to the wall or ceiling, ensuring that intruders cannot throw the unit out of the window or cause any damage to it. A feedback sensor will turn the smoke screen system off once the required level is reached, alternatively turning it back on if the density drops.

All smoke emitted from the Smoke Screen is completely harmless and we have units suitable for all room sizes. A full demonstration is available on request, contact us to see how we can help you.
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How can a Smoke Screen system help you?

  • Fills the room in a matter of seconds
  • Forces the intruder to leave or become still
  • Works with the alarm system to notify key holder
  • Available for every room size
  • Allows more time for a key holder or police to respond
  • Limits theft & damage to property once installed
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Fills the room in a matter of seconds
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