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We provide tailored, industry-leading intruder alarm systems to domestic residences and properties across Bristol and the South West.

An intruder alarm is one of the most effective ways of protecting your home and family. Intruder alarms act as deterrents and preventative measures against intruders. Government statistics have shown that around 60% of burglaries attempted on properties fitted with an intruder alarm are unsuccessful.

These systems can also be integrated with our other systems and services such as our CCTV systems & CCTV Installation in Bristol

Control your home security system from anywhere.

With the HomeControl+ App linked with the PyronixCloud, you can set and unset your home security system, watch live video streaming, get system status updates and receive notifications of any event from anywhere. Simply open your HomeControl+ App and by using the internal pan and tilt or external static video cameras, you can check on an elderly relative, your pets or just look in on your property whenever you want.

The HomeControl+ system is simple to install, whether you live in a new build or older property, with minimal fuss and disruption thanks to its innovative two-way wireless technology. With no wires to run or hide the HomeControl+ system is an ideal solution for newly decorated homes or listed buildings.

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Protecting your family and home.

There is no wonder intruder alarms are the most popular security system on the market. They are highly customisable to suit all homes and families.

  • Pet detectors are available to add to intruder alarms which allow pets to roam around whilst the system is armed.
  • Monitoring can be added to increase security of the property, allowing a selection of keyholders to be notified should an activation occur.
  • App compatibility, as mentioned above, many newer systems can be connected to an app. This allows you to check your alarm system, arm and disarm the system all remotely.
  • Both wired and wireless systems are available to suit your property. E.g. listed or old buildings it may be hard to cable for a hardwired system, hence a wireless system would be ideal.
  • Systems can be easily modified to change with the layout or changes made to a building. It is important that should any changes be made E.g. new walls put in or taken out, that your intruder alarm system is changed in accordance to this.

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Domestic Security FAQ's

Yes! We can install a range of products with smart capabilities from exclusive partners to keep you and your home safe.

Find out more on our blog post about Smart Home Security Systems

Depending on your insurance company and the grade of your security system, you may be rewarded with a discount on your home insurance. It is likely that the system needs to be professionally installed and adhere to certain standards so it is best to check with your insurers prior to having a new system installed.

If you have a professionally installed security system, you may be eligible for monitoring on your alarm. The system will need to meet certain standards and will be required to be maintained at least once per annum to comply.

An alternative option for monitoring is having a smart security system. On certain, newer intruder alarms app compatibility can be available. This is a great way to monitor your system as you can set notifications for activations and even for when the alarm is armed and disarmed.

Pets are part of the family and you should not have to choose between them and securing your home! We have a range of pet tolerant detectors to ensure that your home can continue to be secure whatever pet you have.

Whilst you are able to take your alarm system with you during a move it may not be a cost-effective solution.

As with all electronics, there are constantly newer and better technologies being released. Having a new system installed in your new home will allow you the latest technologies (this could include app or cloud compatibility) and a new warranty.

Each property is different and hence each security system is different. Properties come in a variety of sizes and layouts and additionally, each property will have a different use, function, and businesses operations.

It is important that each security system is designed especially for each property to ensure full coverage and protection. Property type, size and even business operations can change the type of set up of the system.

For securing your home, we would recommend that an intruder alarm is a great system. They are extremely easy to use, highly customisable and can be made suitable for homes with pets.

Intruder alarms can be ever evolving should you add extra security or have an extension added.

There are of course benefits of both type of system, so it depends what you are looking for.

Hard wired systems generally take longer to install but then the system in run by the mains. For a wireless system, this will be a quicker installation as there is no need for cabling. The lack of cabling may also make the installation of the system more cost-effective however, each device will be powered by a battery which could be costly when changing the batteries in the future.

Yes. We have many options of smart security systems available. We have both app compatible intruder and CCTV systems available; these make it incredibly easy to look over the status of your system from your smartphone.

Operations such as arming & disarming your intruder alarm can also be utilised in the app making these options increasingly popular.

It depends. Here at A.P.E Fire & Security, we do not offer payment plans for our installations. All small works will be invoices upon completion.

We do offer maintenance agreements to all of our customers. This is where we will schedule routine services of the system to ensure full working order and elongate the life of your system. Contract terms vary from customer to customer and depend on whether you have monitoring on your system.

Yes. Providing safety to your family and security to your home should be a no brainer. Having a professionally installed intruder alarm can provide you peace of mind both when you are out and even when you are home. With functions such as ‘part set’ you are able to arm the downstairs of your home whilst everyone is asleep upstairs.

We recommend that a domestic intruder alarm is serviced at least once a year, if you have a larger system, we may recommend that you should have two visits per year.

If you have a monitored system it is mandatory to have your system serviced to comply to the standards it is monitored to and avoid false activations.

A professionally installed security system will be fitted with a back-up battery which will keep the alarm system working for around 8 hours should a power cut occur. Your system will seamlessly transfer from mains to back up battery without you having to do anything.

It is possible, and potentially cheaper to install your own home security system. However, you run the risk of your system not working effectively if it is installed wrong. Plus you you miss out on a consultation with an expert security company, who can advise on the best security systems on your individual needs. 

There are no rules, laws or regulations for homes in the UK to have a security system in place.

However, there are statistics to show that your house is less likely to be targeted if you have a professional security system in place.

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