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Bespoke Intruder Alarms

We provide bespoke intruder alarm systems to commercial, business and industrial premises, local authorities, schools, universities, residential buildings and many other types of organisation that must remain confidential.

An intruder alarm is one of the most effective ways of protecting your property. It acts as a deterrent and preventative measure against intruders. Government statistics have shown that around 60% of burglaries attempted on properties fitted with an intruder alarm are unsuccessful.

We also offer additional products & services, such as:

  • Police Response
  • App Compatible Systems
  • Remote Monitoring

High-level security alarm systems for businesses

We understand how important it is to protect your business and ensure the safety of your staff. Our intruder alarm systems can be integrated with panic attack buttons, CCTV systems, access control and smoke screen products.

We install and support a number of established, reliable brands of security systems, all connected to our central station via Dualcom multi-path signalling. These trusted and proven brands include Texecom, Honeywell Galaxy, Pyronix and many more, and can all be adapted to best suit your business’ specific requirements.

Which security system is right for you?

Our experienced surveyors can advise you on all types of security systems to provide you with the optimum level of security to suit your budget. Our systems can be fully monitored by being linked to a central monitoring station, which will immediately notify the local police or nominated key holder should an alarm be activated.

All our security systems adhere to the regulations imposed by the National Security Inspectorate, Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and all insurance companies.

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Wireless protection for your family, home and business.

Wireless security systems protect your home with award-winning two-way technology and a range of peripherals to suit any situation, while removing the hassle and disruption of running wires and cabling.

Our award-winning two-way wireless control panel offers a wide range of security and safety peripherals to keep your home and family safe, such as motion detectors, shock sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With its ability to sync with up to 32 wireless and a further 34 wired devices, you can easily add a multitude of devices, while its innovative wireless technology means the entire system can be fitted without having to redecorate after laying cables and wires.

NSI approved security systems..

As a National Security Inspectorate (NACOSS) Gold approved installer for security systems and a dedicated member of The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), our systems are designed and installed to comply with the highest industry standards. Our association with CHAS (Contractor Health & Safety) and SAFE Contractor guarantees that our policies and procedures are at the forefront of Health and Safety standards. Find out more about our extensive list of accreditations.

Intruder Alarm FAQ's

An intruder alarm is a type of security system designed to detect unauthorised entry into a building. These systems can be effectively installed in a range of places such as schools, businesses and homes to protect against burglary, property damage and personal protection.

An intruder alarm can be fitted by itself or could be combined with an access control or CCTV system, depending on the desired level of security.

An intruder and a burglar alarm are the same thing. Whilst many people may think there is a difference there actually is not. A burglar and intruder are just two different words for some who breaks and enters properties.

There are various types of burglar alarms that are on the market from basic to highly advanced technology. The most common feature of all intruder alarms is that they sound an alarm. By sounding an alarm when there is a potential break in and the burglar will be scared off with the idea that they may get caught. If this alone does not scare them off, the alarms sounding will alert a person in the house, neighbour or passer-by to call the police.

Additionally, intruder alarms can act as a visual deterrent to burglars. Burglars will often opportunists who will take the easiest option when looking to steal. Seeing a professional branded, working bell box on a property will alert the potential intruder that this is not a simple dummy box but a full working intruder alarm that has been fitted by a recognised professional installer. An intruder is then taking a massive risk of a noisy alarm going off once activated or if the system is monitored the police turning up to the property. An opportunist burglar will always look for the easy risk-free option first i.e. a house with no alarm.

Monitoring can be an added as extra protection on top of an intruder alarm. This service means that your intruder alarm can have police response which gives people a lot more ease of mind if they are on holiday or have a business premises left unattended on weekends.

The intruder alarms we install are user friendly. We can program alarms to have a passcode or fobs to unset and set the system. (You will be able to set this code, so it is something personal and memorable to you!)

We will guide you on how to use the system once installed however, they really are simply and we have customers varying widely in age and ability who are able to use their alarms everyday without issue.

However, should you have an issue with using the system we are always available on the end of the phone to help customers 24/7. 

You should think about what level of security you desire and what you want to be protected.

For a home with close neighbours you may feel safe with a simple Intruder Bell Alarm. These systems can be efficient in deterring and scaring off a burglar and because of the proximity of other houses a neighbour is more likely to hear these alarms and contact the police.

For an office building that is open 9-5 Monday-Friday they might consider something different. This system may want their intruder system monitored because there is an opportunity for burglars to come on the weekends when they know the business is closed. For a business they may have a premise with lots of valuable equipment, vehicles or data that requires a lot of protection.

There is no legal requirement for having an intruder alarm in your home however, intruder alarms can help you to feel at ease when away from your home or when you are asleep at night. Intruder alarms can be set up in garages, houses and sheds to ensure you are alerted to any unwelcomed guests on your property.

We offer systems that can be set up to set the alarm partially and fully. This means that the system can be part set whilst people are asleep upstairs or alternatively a garage can be set whilst the house in occupied.

As an added benefit, an intruder alarm could decrease the price of your house insurance.

Again, for a business premises there is no legal requirement for an intruder alarm however, alarms can help protect business premises, vehicles and equipment out of hours. Equipment, vehicles and data can all affect the running of a business if it has been stolen, so it best to protect your business assets and property similar to your home.

If a potential intruder knows your business hours and what you trade in, they could see your premises as an easy target.

Additionally, having an effective and working intruder alarm can help to bring the price of your insurance down.

Although yes, you can fit your own DIY alarm system, you really should have a professional install an intruder alarm.

Having a professional survey your premises means they can review your current security measures, risks, and weak points on the property. From this they can then design a well-rounded security system most suitable for the premises and purpose.

Installing a security alarm properly takes skill, tweaking and testing detectors effectively comes with experience and training. Sensors need to be accurately placed, taking into consideration entry points, stairways and windows. For someone untrained to do this could mean that detectors do not pick up enough which means the alarm is unfit for purpose.

Professionally installed intruder alarms that conform with British standards also can save you money on your insurance premiums whereas, a DIY system will most likely not be considered for this discount with an insurance company.

We have a range of pet friendly sensors which can be installed to prevent animals causing false alarms.

The vast majority of our alarms will work in the event of a power cut. Our alarm control panels have standby batteries installed as standard, which will power the alarm should a power outage occur.

Often having an intruder alarm system will lower the insurance on your property. It is worth ringing and seeing what systems can help to bring your insurance down.

  • Failure to maintain the system adequately
  • Wrong door used as entry ( an alarm panel should always be close to the normal entry door ie. Front door)
  • Failure to practice good house keeping (Spiders can crawl across detectors and set off an alarm)
  • Failing back-up battery (this is something that should be changed during a maintenance check)

Intruder alarms do not have a strict rules and regulations like a fire alarm, where they must be tested at least twice a year.

However, we do suggest that intruder alarm systems are maintained. These systems need to be maintained to ensure they are in full working order, to keep you safe and to minimise false alarms.

We offer a maintenance plan which means we will look after your alarm and check on the system regularly. Additionally, we offer a free over the phone service with our engineers to all our maintained customers which can help resolve issues with systems over the phone instead of requiring a call out.

It truly depends on the level of security desired and location of the property.

Whilst monitoring is not always considered essential, we do think it adds an extra level of security to a property and can provide great peace of mind to property owners.

An intruder alarm will sound if a burglar enters the property. This relies on someone, could be a neighbour or passer-by, to hear the alarm and then contact either the authorities or the owner of the property.

A monitoring center receives alerts straight from the alarm so will be able to respond quickly and accurately.

Yes! We have a range of smart apps available which cover a range of different systems. (these can be compatible with access control, CCTV and intruder alarms) These apps can mean that you can have full control of your system from your smart phone or tablet. Systems can be unset/set and viewed via these apps and are extremely easy to use.

From the initial enquiry, one of our surveyors will most likely need to come and see the property. Here they will talk to you regarding what level of security you require and what system will be suitable.

From here the surveyor will go away and design you a system based on what they have seen and what security you desire. Depending on how busy they are this could take between 5-10 working days. You can approve the quote and then the work can be booked in.

The actual installation on the property can take anywhere from 4 hours to a couple of weeks depending on size of the property and complexity of the system.

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