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Fitting a wide range of Temperature screening cameras to suit your requirements and budgetary constraints. The ultimate fast, safe monitoring allowing easy identification of possible elevated temperatures. Systems ranging from handheld devices through to sophisticated analytics, facial recognition and face mask detection.

From an initial survey and discussion concerning your individual requirements, to the installation and maintenance of the system, we pride ourselves on delivering a first class service.

We also offer additional products & services, such as CCTV Installation & CCTV in Bristol

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What is Thermal Screening?

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Any object that it is above the temperature of absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation.

Thermal cameras with a temperature accuracy can help to detect elevated skin surface temperature, therefore, can indicate the presence of a fever.

We continually train all our employees to provide you with the best suited and most cost-effective solution tailored to you. Whether this system is required in Education, Medical services, office, retail outlet, workshop, or any other location- we can find the solution for you.

How can it be used effectively?

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Demonstrate your duty of care to both staff and customers.

Thermal imaging cameras are highly efficient, being able to scan high volumes of people quickly and safely, due to featuring non-contact temperature measurement, avoiding unnecessary physical contact and disruption.

The hand held detection range of our pro units is 2.5 metres , exceeding the current 2 metre social distancing guidelines.

Thermal cameras are used most effectively when people are scanned one at a time, in an indoor space. The thermal camera can then recognise a temperature quickly. When used correctly, temperatures are within an accuracy of 0.5 degrees (A doctors accuracy range being 0.1 degree).

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What can we offer?

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We have a range of equipment that will suit all needs.

Handheld devices which support Wi-Fi and can integrate with a PC and existing CCTV systems, or an app. Real time videos can be viewed, and screen captures uploaded if required. These devices have a 0.5 degree accuracy. With suitable wi-fi, connectivity alerts can quickly be passed to relevant departments within a business.

Screening devices which include facial recognition , thermal and mask detection seamlessly integrated within the MinMoe terminal that can be mounted by entrances and turnstiles, or can be free standing within receptions. Importantly these are touch free access control, temperature screening with visual results and audio prompts. It also provides a mask detection facility and can prompt users to wear a mask and is even able to  identify users whilst they are wearing their mask.

Temperature Screening Metal Detector Door Solutions can be installed- similar to metal detectors at airports. This has combined functionality of being security metal detector and Real time thermal monitoring with an audio alarm and illumination configurable for pass or fail on either criteria. These are provided with easy to use, real time temperature display and LCD screen with statistics. This is to a 0.5 degree accuracy.

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Are you looking for a safe means of opening your business?

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Thermal imaging could play a key role in allowing your business or place of work to reopen safely and get ahead of the competition!

During this difficult time and situation we see temperature screening systems using thermal imaging camera technology as a key solution to enable you to mitigate risk of coronavirus spread and reassure your employees that you can operate safely. There are a number of ways that you can integrate this system for business. Whether this is handheld thermal cameras or a fully autonomous solution working seamlessly in the background.

“A pleasure to deal with from order to installation.

Sally Edwards, 2017

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