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What is Thermal Screening?

Thermal screening is a non-invasive technology used to measure and detect variations in surface temperature. This process involves the use of infrared thermography to capture the heat emitted by an object or a person. 

In the context of health and safety, thermal screening is often used to identify individuals with elevated body temperatures, which can be indicative of a fever or illness. 

This technology has gained prominence, especially in the wake of global health concerns such as the COVID-19 pandemic, where it is widely used to quickly assess the health status of individuals entering public spaces, transportation hubs, and other high-traffic areas. By providing a rapid and contactless means of temperature monitoring, thermal screening has become a valuable tool in efforts to mitigate the spread of contagious diseases.

Benefits of Using Thermal Screening Solutions in your Business

Workplace Safety: Enhances workplace safety by quickly identifying individuals with elevated temperatures, helping to mitigate the risk of contagious diseases spreading within the organisation.

Employee Health Monitoring: Facilitates ongoing health monitoring of employees, contributing to a healthier workforce and reducing the potential for workplace outbreaks.

Rapid Screening: Provides quick and non-invasive temperature checks, making it suitable for screening large groups of people in high-traffic areas.

Contactless Process: Reduces the risk of virus transmission by eliminating the need for physical contact during temperature checks.

Compliance with Health Guidelines: Supports businesses in adhering to health and safety guidelines, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of employees and customers.

Employee Confidence: Boosts employee confidence in returning to the workplace by implementing measures that prioritise their health and well-being.

User-Friendly Operation: Systems are easy to operate and therefore can be used by all with minimal training.

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How can Thermal Screening be used effectively?

Demonstrate your duty of care to both staff and customers.

Thermal imaging cameras are highly efficient, being able to scan high volumes of people quickly and safely, due to featuring non-contact temperature measurement, avoiding unnecessary physical contact and disruption.

The hand held detection range of our pro units is 2.5 metres , exceeding the current 2 metre social distancing guidelines.

Thermal cameras are used most effectively when people are scanned one at a time, in an indoor space. The thermal camera can then recognise a temperature quickly. When used correctly, temperatures are within an accuracy of 0.5 degrees (A doctors accuracy range being 0.1 degree).

NSI approved security systems..

As a National Security Inspectorate (NACOSS) Gold approved installer for security systems and a dedicated member of The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), our systems are designed and installed to comply with the highest industry standards. Our association with CHAS (Contractor Health & Safety) and SAFE Contractor guarantees that our policies and procedures are at the forefront of Health and Safety standards. Find out more about our extensive list of accreditations.

What Thermal Screening Solutions can we offer?

We have a range of equipment that will suit all needs and we continually train all our employees to provide you with the best suited and most cost-effective solution tailored to you and your industry

Handheld devices which support Wi-Fi and can integrate with a PC and existing CCTV systems, or an app. Real time videos can be viewed, and screen captures uploaded if required. These devices have a 0.5 degree accuracy. With suitable wi-fi, connectivity alerts can quickly be passed to relevant departments within a business.

Screening devices which include facial recognition , thermal and mask detection seamlessly integrated within the MinMoe terminal that can be mounted by entrances and turnstiles, or can be free standing within receptions. Importantly these are touch free access control, temperature screening with visual results and audio prompts. It also provides a mask detection facility and can prompt users to wear a mask and is even able to identify users whilst they are wearing their mask.

Temperature Screening Metal Detector Door Solutions can be installed, similar to metal detectors at airports. This has combined functionality of being security metal detector and Real time thermal monitoring with an audio alarm and illumination configurable for pass or fail on either criteria. These are provided with easy to use, real time temperature display and LCD screen with statistics. This is to a 0.5 degree accuracy.

Thermal Screening FAQ's

While thermal screening can identify individuals with elevated temperatures, it is not a definitive diagnostic tool for specific illnesses. It serves as an initial screening method, and further medical evaluation is typically required for a conclusive diagnosis.

Factors such as environmental conditions, distance from the thermal camera, and individual factors like sweating or wearing hats can influence the accuracy of thermal screening.

Thermal screening primarily identifies individuals with elevated temperatures, which may occur in symptomatic individuals. It may not consistently detect asymptomatic carriers who do not exhibit fever-like symptoms.

No, thermal screening is not a standalone solution but is often used in conjunction with other health and safety measures, such as wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and frequent hand hygiene.

Thermal screening, when used for public health purposes, focuses on temperature readings and does not capture personal details. However, proper privacy measures should be in place to ensure the ethical use of thermal screening technology.

Yes, external factors such as hot weather can influence thermal screening results. High ambient temperatures may make it challenging to identify individuals with elevated body temperatures accurately.

Thermal screening is a rapid process, often providing real-time temperature readings. It is designed for quick and efficient screening of individuals in high-traffic areas to enhance public health and safety.

Yes, thermal screening can be used outdoors, but environmental factors like wind and direct sunlight can affect its accuracy. Proper screening protocols and equipment adjustments are necessary for outdoor use.

Normal body temperature can vary among individuals, and thermal screening devices often allow for customised temperature thresholds. However, it’s important to consider age and gender variations in interpreting results.

Makeup and face coverings can influence thermal readings, especially if they affect the skin’s exposure. Individuals are generally advised to remove face coverings temporarily during thermal screening.

The cost of a thermal screening system can vary widely depending on factors such as brand, features, and the intended application. Basic systems may start from a few hundred dollars, while more advanced systems can cost several thousand dollars.

Ongoing costs may include maintenance, calibration, and software updates. It’s essential to factor in these expenses for the long-term operation of thermal screening devices

Yes, many thermal screening systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing access control systems, allowing for a comprehensive security solution. including access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems

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