Advantages of Using Key Fobs in your Business

Advantages of Using Key Fobs in your Business

What is a Key Fob?

Key fobs, otherwise known as RFID devices, are often small wireless devices that identify a person via Radio Frequency Identification. This technology is utilised in many applications ranging from security merchandise tagging, secure access control, cashless vending and codeless security systems. RFID devices used for security and access control are normally compact and provided in the format of a key fob, card or self adhesive chip. They enable entry into a building, or a particular area of a building, via access control systems. They allow the management or owner of the premises to control and monitor access into their property, ensuring they know exactly who is entering and leaving their building, and at what time.

The fobs are personal devices that are small enough to be attached to a key ring or kept in a pocket, and are considered as the most reliable method of access control by a wide range of businesses.

How do Key Fobs Work?

RFID devices securely transmit encrypted codes to RFID or proximity readers associated with an access control door or security alarm panel. Holders of each unique RFID device can be tracked via the activity event logs in the associated systems.

All fobs have a personal identification number, so if any get lost or stolen, the access system can be easily updated to block entry to the missing fob. A new fob can then be programmed and issued.

Some modern systems allow virtual RFID tags to be issued and operate via your mobile phone. This allows RFID to be easily and seamlessly deployed. This type of deployment can enhance security further than purely RFID tokens.

Added security can be provided via multi factor authentication. A user will be issued with a unique PIN number which is required to be utilised on readers with combined RFID readers with keypad. This substantially increases security against cloning or key/fob theft.

Why are Door Fob Entry Systems Better Than Lock and Key & Codes?

More and more businesses, residential properties and industrial units are starting to phase out the traditional lock and key method of security, mainly because this locking system can be easily compromised. All it takes is for someone to gain access to a key, purchase tools that allows them to ‘pick’ the lock or disturb the tumblers enough to cause the lock to release, and just like that, they’re inside your property.

Many access solutions moved to coded options. However, codes can easily verbally be shared. Whereas if you issue a fob to a member of staff, they can be held accountable to the fobs.

Typical Uses of Key Fobs

Key fob security systems can be an appropriate solution for a vast range of commercial properties; they’re quick, easy-to-use and convenient. Some examples of the types of buildings that utilise key fobs within their security solution include:

  • Hotels/apartments
  • Leisure centres & gyms
  • Stock rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Government buildings

Advantages of Key Fobs

If you’re still not convinced by key fobs, here are some of their main benefits.

  • Increased Levels of Security

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, making sure your building is secure has to be one of your priorities. Ensuring that your facility as well as your equipment, sensitive information and everything else inside is consistently kept safe with the extra security of a high-quality key fob access control system certainly outweighs the initial outlay.
Here at A.P.E Fire & Security, we use only the most reliable systems and partner with a range of industry-leading brands, including: Paxton, Net2, ARAS RBH, Axiom V, Axiom Lite, PAC, Controlsoft, ACT, ASSA Abloy and SALTO.

  • Selective Entry

Key fob access control systems allow owners to have full control over their employees’ entry permissions. The systems are fully customisable, meaning that individual fobs can be programmed to provide access only to certain areas or during certain times, which is particularly beneficial for large-scale operations.
This bespoke approach to security helps to improve efficiencies and ensures only the right people have access to the right things, at the right time. It is especially useful for properties used by different businesses (such as large office blocks) and in scenarios whereby contractors need to have access to building sites.

  • Identification

A unique benefit of keyless access control systems is the fact that they automatically generate a full record of who enters the building and at what exact time. This valuable information allows you to identify who is accessing certain areas of the building, and can help with accountability should any items go missing or suffer damage. It also helps managers to quickly understand the whereabouts of staff in the case of an emergency.

  • Integration

Key fob access control systems can also be integrated with other forms of security, including intruder alarms and security cameras, to create an even more complete security solution. The security systems that integrate multiple different security measures are the ones that offer the highest level of protection and are the hardest for criminals to overcome, which is invaluable to a wide range of properties, such as schools, local authorities and retail buildings. Ensuring an establishment is equipped with the most robust security measures allows property owners and security teams to feel confident that their building is safe and secure.

Key Fob Access Control Installation & Provider Bristol – A.P.E Fire & Security

With over 40 years of experience in the security industry, we specialise in providing and installing the highest quality key fob/proximity access control systems. Our team of experienced experts can assess your property and design a bespoke solution that meets your individual requirements.

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