An Electrical Contractor’s Guide to Getting Started with Fire and Security Systems

When working on site, electricians and electrical contractors are likely to come into contact with fire and security systems. The installation of these systems needs to meet specific requirements and shouldn’t be done by anyone who isn’t a specialist in this field.

By understanding what needs to be undertaken to install and maintain these systems, electrical contractors can work efficiently to help deliver exceptional results for any projects. Here at A.P.E Fire and Security, we often work side by side with electrical contractors to help create a seamless integration of systems associated with fire and security alongside other electrical requirements of a building. This has enabled us to provide a unique and powerful partnership with contactors who need a reliable and trusted specialist to ensure any fire and security systems are installed and maintained to the highest standard. Understanding the best device, to use in each specific situation, and how to make the most of them, ensures buildings are inherently safe and secure.

We’ve created this guide to help any electrical contractors gain an insight into all of the processes associated with making buildings and properties more safe and secure with fire and security systems installed.

Getting Started with Fire and Security Systems

When setting up any fire or security system for a building, there are many different products available. Having expert advice and insight will ensure you get the most out of the systems required for your project, by tailoring the most appropriate products, devices and designs for your requirements.

Particularly when combining different systems, for example, a security system that integrates with access control systems, having the system professionally designed and installed helps to ensure they meet all expectations.

Undertaking an assessment of potential risks and challenges for a particular property is followed up by bespoke designs to deliver the best fire and security measures for each particular building. The systems are often extremely complex, which is why working directly with a fire and security firm can be vital for site managers, electrical contractors or others involved in a building project. Conceptional designs help outline the requirements of any system, which is then developed to include the specifics, such as type of devices used, to create a blueprint ready for installation.

There are 4 core areas related to fire and security that a property or building will require, including:

  • Intruder/Burglar Alarms

All commercial buildings are likely to require some type of intruder or burglar alarm. These act as a deterrent for potential thieves. Features and specifications vary depending on device, and the best option for you very much depends on the type of building you are protect. Particularly for buildings with sensitive data/resources, having intruder alarms that are connected to emergency services can be required.

We install and support the established and reliable brands of intruder alarm systems, including; Texecom, Honeywell Galaxy, Pyronix and many more, all specified to best suit your specific requirements.

Our experienced surveyors can work closely with you and advise the type of security system to provide the optimum level of security to suit your budget.

  • CCTV

CCTV systems help building managers and owners monitor and track their premises. We can help ensure you understand all the potential features and suggest which would be most appropriate to your requirements.

Some potential features include: fully functional tilt and zoom cameras, mini dome type cameras, covert camera systems, digital recorders, CD writer and ethernet connection, vehicle license plate recognition systems, remotely monitored CCTV systems, remote viewing by PC, tablet, iPhone and smart phones, to name just a few.

  • Fire Alarms

Any fire alarm system being installed in residential or commercial properties need to meet the stringent and precise requirements outlined by the British Standards Institution (BS 5839 and EN54). Any electricians working on site should look to partner with fire alarm installation professionals to ensure the highest quality of work is carried out.

Here at APE Fire and Security, we can also offer ongoing support and maintenance, to ensure any fire systems in place are regularly checked and continue to meet expected standards.

  • Access Control

Security is going to be a key feature of any property, so utilising the very best in access control systems and integrating these into wider building functionality is a simple way to keep buildings (or sections thereof) secure

From access control systems which use finger prints and personal data to grant access, to those which use key fobs, there are many ways to grant/restrict access. This is particularly important for office spaces and commercial units, that need to deliver premium security as well as being practical and efficient for those using the building on a daily basis.

Value of Specialist Design Work

Due to the lifesaving implications of fire and security systems, the importance of using specialists that can design bespoke systems is vital. Designing and installing systems to the specifications of each project and building means that they can integrate seamlessly into a building but still function to the highest standard.

Poor system design is not only impractical but can also carry with it serious fire and security risks.

From basic standalone systems for single properties, to complex systems covering a wider network, the way any system is designed and set up makes a big difference as to how it benefits a property. Regardless of whether you need a system for an old church or a new build, effective system design and installation allows efficient protection which is sympathetic to is surroundings.

For help and support, please get in touch with our friendly team here at APE Fire and Security. We can offer the very best advice and support with new and existing projects.

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