An Introduction to Smart Home Security

An Introduction to Smart Home Security

Advanced technology has infiltrated every corner of our lives, from smartphones and computers to complex access control systems and high-quality CCTV. Smart home security systems combine the best of technology to better protect homes and businesses against intruders.

The team here at A.P.E Fire and Security have put together this helpful guide to smart home security, utilising our many years of combined experience to present benefits and possible solutions you should consider for home security.

Smart Home Security

A smart home is defined by its interconnected devices, communicating via an internet connection. From light bulbs and heating controls to security systems and even fridges, many appliances around the home can now be controlled over the internet, often by an app on your phone.

Thus, a smart home security system is a collection of security components connected and controlled by a smartphone app using the internet or other connections. Using technology-driven security innovations encourages higher levels of protection and system availability, as well as increased peace of mind for property owners that they can monitor their home from wherever.

Smart Home Security System Components

A smart home security system can be as complex as the owner desires, with multiple wireless components at inexpensive prices available. Whatever your security demands, there will be a smart home security solution for you.

For a comprehensive security system designed and installed for your unique requirements, speak to our trusted experts at A.P.E Fire and Security, who will gladly assist in finding the ideal solution for you and your home.

  • A hub – all smart home systems have a hub, a central controller connected to your broadband router or WiFi from which all devices connect and communicate. Often the user will have an app for control. Consider the way different devices communicate, as some may use WiFi whereas others may use the manufacturer’s own system, which may limit the devices you can apply to your system.
  • Alarm Systems – intruder alarm systems are known to be hugely off-putting to potential intruders, so be sure to have one visible from the exterior. Modern motion sensors are incredibly advanced and pet-proof to avoid false triggering. With smart home systems, the alarm can be set regardless of where you are and even trained to arm according to the household’s schedule.
  • Window/door alarms – sensors attached to windows and doors which alert you of openings. These alerts appear on your phone giving you instant awareness.
  • Cameras – there is a range of home cameras for doorbells, exterior and interior security. The feed can be watched in real-time on your phone and footage stored in cloud storage for record/download when necessary.
  • Access controls – control who can enter your house and when with smart access controls. Access controls can be vitally important to a buildings’ security. This can include locking/unlocking a main gate remotely, a video stream for identity verification or even fingerprinting. Videx, one of our security partners, provides an array of domestic solutions.
  • Tag sensors – monitor who is home and get alerts for home entry with tag sensors. Popular for pets and people, tags can help monitor teenagers getting in late or vulnerable people returning home safely.
  • Smart plugs – predominantly used for convenience, such as boiling the kettle downstairs while you’re upstairs by using an app, smart plugs can be a smart home security component. For example, if you are away for the weekend, you can remotely turn on lamps to make it appear as though you are home.

Smart Home Security Benefits 

There are many benefits to having a smart home security system, additional to having a traditional system. Some of the top benefits include:


Smart home security components can communicate to maximise efficiency and protection. For example, when a window sensor is triggered, this can be automatically communicated to the siren which then goes off, potentially deterring an intruder.


Normal processes can be automated and streamlined for convenience. Whether the smart home system ensures lights turn on when a tag sensor enters the home or that the alarm system is automatically engaged when the front door is locked, there are many ways a smart home helps improve daily activities.


As long as you have an internet connection, you can control and monitor your home’s security from anywhere in the world. This may be particularly attractive to parents or pet-owners who wish to monitor home when they aren’t there.

24/7 protection 

Using automated processes, intelligent programming, cloud storage and control in the palm of your hands, smart home security systems mean your home is protected at all times. If security is breached, the response is quick and you are notified straight away.

Simple set up 

Often smart home devices are wireless and can therefore be simply moved from a place or property when needed. Once in place, the device just needs to be connected and communicating with others to get started.

Intelligent security 

Smart home security gives you added peace of mind, especially when compared to a traditional system. Smart devices can even detect when something is abnormal and alert you to unusual activity, ensuring nothing is missed.

Professional assistance 

As with any security system, smart home security systems can be installed professionally and advised on by experts. Security specialists, like A.P.E, can provide advice, installation and maintenance to ensure your security system is providing maximum protection.

Smart Home Security with A.P.E Fire and Security

We install a range of products with smart capabilities from exclusive partners to keep you and your home safe.

With each home security alarm installation, we use DualCom signaling systems to ensure a rapid response. DualCom systems use mobile networks and IP paths to send signals at high speeds to an alarm receiving centre, from where action can be taken.

Find out more about domestic security alarms.

We work with Pyronix to deliver effective home security solutions controllable from anywhere with the HomeControl+ app. With live camera viewing, instant alarm control, use of the Pyronix Cloud and much more, homeowners can confidently leave the house.

For a more traditional system, we also install Euro 46 security systems, ideal for protecting homes and outbuildings. Receive SMS reporting, 24/7 alarm receiving centre connection, smart ‘home’ and ‘away’ settings for comprehensive intruder averting security.

Comelit provides total smart home integration, utilising advanced technology and machine learning to combine convenience and security under one smart home system.

If you are looking to improve your home security solution and bolster your protection, don’t hesitate to get in touch with A.P.E Fire and Security. As NSI Gold approved installers with a multitude of partnerships, we can design and install a security system tailored uniquely to you and your home. Our vast experience and expertise with a range of security solutions mean we can advise on the best system, traditional or technology-driven.

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