Best Texecom Security Products & Devices

Whether it’s a school, residential property or an industrial establishment, the safety and security of a building is a priority for all organisations. Not only do the premises, resources and other assets have to be protected, but it’s paramount that the people within the building are safe at all times.

Here at A.P.E Fire & Security, we specialise in installing high-quality security devices and systems to a range of buildings throughout Bristol and across the South West. We install only the most reliable and innovative products that have been designed and manufactured by established brands, including Texecom, Europe’s largest independent security alarm specialist.

Their award-winning products are fully compliant with the latest European standards, providing high levels of security to all types of properties. We take great pride in supporting Texecom, and to give an insight into their innovative devices, we’ve put together this mini guide to highlight some of our favourite motion detectors and intruder alarms designed by this reputable brand.

If you’re looking to take the security of your property to the next level, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our security experts today. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with free, no obligation advice.

Texecom Veritas Reflex

Texecom’s Veritas motion detectors offer exceptional reliability and are used all over the world for a variety of purposes. The Veritas Reflex infrared detector is one of the most enhanced motion detectors on the market, using the latest surface mount technology to deliver unrivalled security.

Superior temperature compensation has recently been incorporated into the detector’s design, providing greater detection sensitivity in warmer environments.

Veritas Reflex’s Features

  • 12m volumetric coverage
  • Interchangeable lens library
  • EN 50131 Grade 2
  • Adjustable mounting height
  • Improved temperature compensation profile
  • 50v/m RF immunity
  • Sealed optics
  • 98° coverage
  • PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class II
  • Ceiling bracket is available separately if required

Premier Compact Series

The Premier Compact Series by Texecom features some of our favourite motion detectors. The series includes subtle styling and comprises of various sensing technologies, making the detectors ideal for residential, retail and commercial properties.

Premier Compact Models

There are four different types of detectors within the series, all of which have been designed to provide optimum security. Different detection technologies are used in each alarm to ensure that there is a model for even the most challenging installations.

  • Premier Compact IRDesigned to excel in residential environments.
    • Dual element PIR (passive infrared) sensors
  • Premier Compact XTProvides reliable performance in hotter conditions.
    • Digital PIR with advanced signal processing
    • Digital Temperature Compensation
    • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
    • Active White Light Rejection
    • Anti-jarring
  • Premier Compact QD – Designed to provide unrivalled performance in false alarm immunity.
    • Digital quad element PIR
    • Advanced Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
    • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
    • Active White Light Rejection
  • Premier Compact PW – Advanced digital detection offering up to 35kgs animal immunity without compromising intrusion detection.
    • Digital pet-immune PIR
    • Texecom’s HOTLens technology
    • Advanced Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
    • Digital Temperature Compensation
    • Active White Light Rejection
    • Anti-jarring

Premier Compact Features

Although each of the models contains bespoke and specific features (as outlined above), they also all include the following features:

  • Mounting Height Alignment – The detectors are suitable for different types of rooms and buildings.
  • EOL Resistors – The panel is able to recognise a tamper signal for each zone using fewer cores of cable.
  • Sealed Optics – This prevents dust and insects from entering the sensor’s optics, eliminating potential false alarms.
  • Selectable Pulse Count – The sensitivity of each detector can be adjusted to suit its environment, providing improved detection accuracy and false alarm immunity.

Premier Elite AM360 DT

The Premier Elite AM360 DT has been designed to deliver enhanced detection security for high risk applications. It utilises Texecom’s optically enhanced active IR technique, which is the most secure and reliable anti-masking technology on the market. The active IR LED power output provides 100% lens coverage protection, and when combined with Texecom’s proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, provides exceptional anti-masking pick-up, whilst actively discriminating against false masking sources.

Premier Elite AM360 DT Features

  • Active IR anti masking
  • 9m maximum diameter coverage pattern
  • Mounting height up to 3.6m
  • Omni directional quad element pyro
  • Adjustable K-band microwave detection
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • EN50131-1, EN50131-2-4, PD6662:2010 Grade 3 Class II

Intruder Alarm Installation Bristol

If you’re looking to equip your property with high-quality motion detectors or any other type of intruder alarm, please contact us here at A.P.E Fire & Security. We specialise in designing and installing security systems for all types of establishments.

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