Building Security Checklist – Everything to Keep your Building Safe

The safety and security of a building is something that must be at the top of every organisation’s priorities. Protecting equipment, resources and other assets within the building, as well as ensuring those working and operating within the building are safe, is something that cannot be ignored.

If organisations aren’t careful, they can end up with out-dated or inefficient security measures that mean security or safety can be compromised. For trusted support and assistance with any fire or security solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at A.P.E. Fire and Security. We can help ensure you get the specialist support and guidance needed to feel confident in your building’s safety and security.

Although every building is different, and the requirements for security systems may vary, there are a few things every building should think about when evaluating their current security. Below offers a simple checklist to get started. For more personal recommendations, we’d be happy to listen to your specific circumstances and ensure you get the products and systems to fulfil your needs.

Building Security Checklist:

Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm is one of the most effective ways of protecting your property. It acts as a deterrent and preventative measure against intruders. Government statistics have shown that around 60% of burglaries attempted on properties fitted with an intruder alarm are unsuccessful.

Intruder alarms are often one of the simplest ways a building can improve its security against thefts and robberies. For best results, intruder alarms can be integrated with other security measures such as CCTV, smoke screen products and access control to create sophisticated security systems that are designed to meet the highest standards.

For commercial buildings, warehouses, large offices, schools, local authorities and large residential areas, intruder alarms can be an effective way to create a unified system that helps create more secure environments.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are extremely important in helping create safe buildings for people to live, work and visit. For larger buildings and commercial properties, having comprehensive fire alarm systems, means organisations can have a more proactive solution to fire detection.

If your building hasn’t got reliable and trusted fire alarm maintenance support, it’s worth investing in this as this becomes a key component of building safety standards. From design to supply and installation, servicing to 24/7 aftercare, we’re a partner you can trust, accredited to BAFE SP203-1 for all modules.


CCTV has become a necessity for organisations to ensure they can spot unwelcomed visitors and track potential threats to the building. CCTV and IP CCTV systems can be suited to any budget and come in a range of advanced features to help create tailored surveillance for your building premises.

CCTV equipment comes in a range of features and designs to suit any building’s requirements.

CCTV solutions can also often be accessed and managed remotely so you can monitor and analyse surveillance footage wherever you are.

Access Control

Being able to control who has access to your building and when, means organisations can create a secure and effective way for safeguarding the premises. From biometrics, to key fobs to voice verification, access control systems can help add additional layers of security to your building.

Security risks such as lost or stolen keys can be costly and inconvenient, so access control systems often create effective and affordable solutions for accessing buildings. One fob may also give access to certain areas in a building but not other areas, helping make it easy to grant varying degrees of access within a large commercial property.

Building Maintenance

A poorly maintained building, as well as a poorly maintained security system, could attract burglars and increase the chance of theft. A building that looks poorly maintained and that has little evidence of security measures or systems in place may mean burglars target that building over ones that have clearly invested heavily in security and maintenance.

Security systems should also be regularly tested and monitored to ensure they are actually working and functioning correctly. This is particularly important for integrated systems whereby different products are linked together. If one becomes compromised, it could impact the whole system.

Physical Barriers

For some buildings, including physical barriers can help reduce unwanted visitors to a property or premise. Electric gates or barriers can be popular in both residential areas and commercial properties to help create a physical barrier between a building premises and public land.

This often means a visitor needs to interact with a security guard or intercom system to be allowed entry. This helps ensure only those allowed on the premises get permitted entry.

Building Design Features

Although it may not be possible to change the layout and structure of a building, the shape and layout can impact crime. If certain areas of a building are hidden from view, criminals may find this more appealing than targeting doors/windows that are in plain sight.

Many architects now ensure they leverage clever design tricks to make buildings less appealing to burgle. For example, limiting entrances to very secure and unsheltered areas mean burglars are at higher risk if they try and target the building.

Other little things like not having door hinges accessible from the outside or not keeping valuables in clear view of windows can be the difference between a building being targeted by thefts and it not. Doing all you can to reduce the likelihood of any attempted robberies will help improve the security and safety of the building.

Building Security by A.P.E. Fire and Security

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