Can I Install My Own Fire And Security System?

Can I Install My Own Fire And Security System?


The short answer to this question is yes.


And it is likely to be cheaper than having professionals design and install your system. But there are many things to think about before deciding to install your own home fire and security system. 


How Will You Know Which System To Use?


The internet can be very helpful when looking for a system however, there are so many different systems and combinations of equipment available on the market it is hard to determine which is most suitable for you. 


Fire alarms are a common system that people install themselves at home. For a simple wireless smoke detector, there is a very limited amount of work required to install it. For intruder alarms, they are not so simple to install at home and will not work effectively if installed wrong. 


Maintenance Of Your DIY System


It is important to think about the long-term use of your home fire and security systems. They are installed to protect your home, your family and your personal belongings. To preserve the longevity of your system it needs to be appropriately maintained and serviced.


The service and maintenance of your systems keeps them in full working order to enabled them to work should an incident such as a burglary or fire occur.


If your systems stop working for some reason or continually goes off this can often lead to people removing batteries from smoke detectors etc which means your system is not protecting you at all. It may also take hours of trawling through the internet to diagnose an issue with your system meaning you are unprotected for the time for a diagnostic and time to fix the system.


Adding to this, should you want to have your alarm monitored it may be increasingly hard to monitor a home installed alarm as they may have an increased amount of false alarms. Fire alarms also require a full maintenance of the system every 6 months for it to be monitored by most companies.


Here at A.P.E Fire & Security, we offer service contracts which mean we will look after your system. There are many benefits to taking out a contract with us such as:

  • Access to our 24-hour call-out service.
  • 24/7 over the phone assistance with our expert engineers.
  • Priority bookings.
  • We will regularly check your system to ensure it’s in full working order.


Why Choose A Professional Installer?



A professionally installed fire and intruder alarm system is about keeping you safe and about peace of mind.


Here at A.P.E we have NACOSS Gold approved for Security and Silver Approved for fire. This means we complete yearly assessments to ensure we are meeting the highest standards in fire and security. Having your system designed and installed by A.P.E gives you the assurance that your system is installed to the highest standard by one of our highly trained engineers.


We have a wide range of fire and intruder alarms, CCTV and access control solutions on offer for various security needs and property sizes. Alongside this, we offer a range of maintenance and monitoring packages to suit your security level needs.


Maintenance on intruder systems will take place once a year, with fire alarm systems having maintenance on them at least every 6 months to comply with British Standards. The number of maintenances will depend on the size of the system and the number of devices e.g. The bigger the system the more maintenance will need to take place.


Additionally, for all our maintained customers we offer a free Telefix service where customers have access to 1-to-1 calls with our engineers 24/7. These calls can often help resolve alarm issues over the phone without needing an engineer call out. These also help us to diagnose the issue with the alarm system before going out to ensure we have the right equipment and engineer for the job.


Monitoring can be added to a system to increase the level of security by a monitoring station being contacted when and if your system goes off and you are not on the premises. The monitoring station will then get in touch with a key holder, that will be allocated by you, before contacting the appropriate emergency services.


Smart home options such as Honeywell, Pyronix and Texecom Cloud are all apps that we offer which means you can control and view your system from anywhere. With the latest technologies it means we, the installer can also do health checks on your system virtually and without a visit. 


Why Choose A.P.E Fire & Security?



Here at A.P.E, we have:


  • Over 40 years of experience in the fire and security industry.
  • A highly qualified team on hand to design you a suitable security system.
  • A team of experienced and qualified engineers to install and walk you through your system.
  • We are NSI Silver and Bafe certified for fire.
  • NSI Gold Approved for security.


So why waste your time searching shops and the internet looking for a home security and fire system? You can’t put a price on protecting your home! 

Get in touch today for free, no-obligation, advice! We can design a fire and/or security system that is tailored to your needs and your properties!

Get in contact with us today on 0117 982 5045 or email us on to find out more.

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