Providing Fire Safety to a Giraffe House

Sector: Special Purpose
Location: Bristol
Duration: Ongoing

Work Completed

Fire Alarm Installation

State of the art fire alarm systems for a wildlife park.

Based in cribs causeway, The Wild Place Project is an ever-expanding wildlife park. Their vision is to create a sustainable future for wildlife and people through their conservation and education work.

The Wild Place Project is located in Bristol on a Grade II Listed estate gifted to the Bristol Zoological Society in the mid-1960s. Until 2013 this site was used by Bristol Zoo for breeding and quarantining. The site was also home to the animal nurseries and grow food for the animals. Still now, the land grows a third of the food for the animals at both Bristol Zoo and Wild Place Project.

The Wild Place Project was officially opened in 2013 and in 2020 Bristol Zoo announced its relocation to join the Wild Place Project in Cribbs Causeway.

The decision to move will mean one incredible wildlife park for the West of England. Bristol Zoo boasts over 300 animals, representing over 50 species including gorillas, pygmy hippos and red pandas. Fruit bats, penguins, gibbons and aye ayes are just more of the great selection of wildlife the zoo will be adding to the wildlife park.

The Wild Place Project have a wide range of animals available to view including special sections such as a Walled Garden, Bear Wood and a Benoue National Park exhibit.

The Bear Wood exhibit takes you on a journey through a woodland on a raised walkway. Seeing bears, wolves, lynxes and wolverines, all previously native species in Britain. This is their biggest exhibit and the only one of its kind in the UK.

The park has a wide range of other animals including giraffes, cheetah, zebra, baboons, lemurs and goats. Since taking in Bristol Zoo it will boast an incredible collection of wildlife.

A.P.E have been looking after the existing fire alarm system in the, then new, giraffe house since 2017. For this we maintained the alarm and most recently we have been made modifications to the existing system to increase the protection of the giraffes.

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