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Replacing the need for Onsite Security Guards at Dawsons Group

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Sector: Commercial
Project Duration: 1 Week

Location: Avonmouth
Date Completed: July 2021

Established in 1935, Dawson Group is a group of businesses specialising in the supply of commercial assets. Since its establishment, the group has diversified across several sectors such as vans, kitchens, sweepers and finances. The group’s customer base stretches across a broad spectrum of sectors, sizes and operational types. 

Dawson Group Vans are a highly reputable, industry-leading van hire company, which boasts a team of highly trained staff and experts in the field to ensure the most professional and knowledgeable service possible. With a total of 12 sites spread across the UK and an excellent portfolio of vehicles, Dawson group Vans are the perfect partner of choice for businesses of all sizes.

A.P.E have previously been commissioned to install a brand new fire and security system on their brand-new site based in Avonmouth. A.P.E installed intruder alarm, access control, video intercom system, fire alarm, and disabled refuge. 

See our previous Dawsons Group case study here. 

Most recently we have installed a CCTV system with monitoring and tannoy system in replacement of an onsite security guard. Whilst many businesses may employ a security guard to parole the premises outside of business hours as a means of security, Dawsons Group went with a much more reliable means of protecting their property. 

Whilst there are many benefits of having manned security on your business premises out of hours, it is a highly un cost-effective way to secure your property and assets. To have one of these guards is costly. You are paying someone their yearly wage to look after your property.  But with one or even two onsite security guards, it is impossible that they can keep an eye on the entire site at once. 

What Alternative Security Solutions are Available?

We have a range of electronic security solutions suitable for all types of commercial properties. To understand how these can effectively replace an onsite security guard we need to see a video of this system in action. 

On this site, as stated above, we installed a monitored CCTV system with a tannoy system. 

Here in this video demonstration, you can see that when the alarm is set, when someone crosses the yard the CCTV camera picks up the person and announces over the tannoy system that the site is monitored. The images will be live-streamed to the monitoring centre and from here they can view and make the decision as to whether they should contact the authorities. 

Some tannoy systems can even link to the monitoring station to allow the people in the monitoring centre to speak over the tannoy. This is another highly effective way to deter intruders. It allows the monitoring station to pick out specific things about the criminal to be able to make it more personal and will let the person know it is not just an automated announcement. I.e The centre monitoring the cameras can directly say to the person ‘You in the blue jumper, leave the premises now or the police will be contacted.’

If they can see the intruder leaving, they may wait a few minutes to ensure they have properly left before deciding the site is safe. On the other hand if they can see on the CCTV that the intruder has made their way further into the premises and looks like they are going to cause trouble the monitoring station can contact the keyholder or the police directly. 


Why is This System Better Than an Onsite Security Guard?

  • Interactive 

With the tannoy system, as shown in the video above, these audio systems can be completely customised to each site they are installed on. These security tannoys can also be linked directly to a monitoring station so that security guards in the monitoring station can directly address intruders. 

  • Cost-effective 

Although these systems have installation and maintenance costs, they are much cheaper than paying an entire salary to someone to watch over your property every year. Also, when taking cost into consideration, you should think about what you could possibly lose if there was a break-in to your property. Loss of expensive machinery, assets and stock are all things that could greatly impact the running of your business.

  • More accurate 

CCTV can cover all entrances of the property at once. As discussed above, security guards cannot always keep eyes on the entire property, but CCTV can. 

  • Adaptability 

These systems can be personalised, allowing use on any site. These systems may not only be used in work yards but also on farms or more secluded premises. 

  • Evidence 

Should someone manage to get into the property and vandalise/ steal anything, CCTV will have a recording of these events. Providing these recordings to the police could help identify and convict the criminals involved. 

  • Reliability 

Whilst your onsite security guard may be reliable in terms of showing up to their job, they may not actually be keeping up with their duties out of hours. Long hours and night shifts can mean it is difficult to see how productive an onsite guard is. CCTV will provide coverage through all hours without getting tired or lazy. 

  • CCTV does not have sick days or holiday

CCTV is extremely reliable and should there be an issue, normally can be sorted with very minimal downtime. CCTV can be switched on to record 24/7 recording issues not only out of hours but also during the working day. This can improve the security of your business during the daytime too!

  • Immediate police response without danger 

Having any security system monitored means that a monitoring centre will respond to any alarm activations or activity on the premises out of hours without actually having to be on the premises and be in any danger from a potential intruder. The police can still be onsite within minutes without anyone being in danger of being injured in the meantime. 

What’s the Next Action to Take?

There is not only one way to secure your property. Each property and owner will have its own individual needs and required security levels. The best immediate action you can take is to get in touch with a professional security company. Here at A.P.E Fire & Security we offer a free, no obligation survey to all sites. Here our team of expert surveyors can help to identify weak spots in your premises and discuss and design the most suitable system for you. 

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Work completed:

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  • CCTV System Installation With Monitoring and Tannoy System

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