Increasing Security for a Commercial Premises Using Access Control and Automatic Barrier System.

Work Completed

Access Control
Intruder Alarm
Intercom System

We currently provide this customer with a range of other security systems including external CCTV, internal access control and intruder alarm. However, following a number of breaches to the outside area of their commercial property they decided to install an additional system to secure this area. 

The brief:

To install a security system that was easy and quick to use whilst controlling the access of solely authorised vehicles onto the premise. 

Our solution:

Intercom systems are a great outdoor access control system for when there is a high level of traffic passing through the area. 

Here, fobs and codes can be allocated to individuals who work for the company allowing fast access to the site. As seen in the video below, presenting a fob or entering a code will activate the barrier to lift. As indicated on the bollard, green means safe to pass. 

Visitors are able to gain access via ringing the intercom and speaking with the reception on site. From this, the people in reception can either grant or deny access via a handset inside the property. 

What have we installed?

We have installed a Paxton Net 2 entry system with a 6 Meter BFT M

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