Brockway Medical Centre

Nailsea, South West

Upgrading a fire system at a medical facility during a Pandemic 

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Sector: Local Authority
Project Duration: 1 Day

Location: Nailsea, South West
Date Completed: June 2021

Brockway Medical Centre is part of the Tyntesfield Medical Group, a group of doctor’s surgeries in the South West of England. They work together to create a small network of doctor’s surgeries, which can also perform minor surgeries, for the local area. 

The medical group looks after over 32,000 patients with just under 30 GPs. Tyntesfield mission is to provide excellent healthcare in the community which is accessible and efficient. Their vision is to not only provide good healthcare but also promote better mental and physical health. 

A.P.E Fire & Security have worked in partnership with Brockway medical centre for over 15 years now. After looking after their existing system and making necessary amendments for this amount of time, the centre decided it was time to fully upgrade the fire alarm system. 

There may be many reasons as to why a fire system may be upgraded, such as:

  • It is old and outdated
  • No longer supported 
  • No longer compliant to British Standards

For Brockway Medical Centre their existing system was obsolete and old, no longer supported and the panel was over 10 years old. 

Since January 2021 Brockway Medical Centre became a vaccination centre. From January its priority was to vaccinate as many people as possible. The location was set up as a highly efficient vaccine centre opening from 8am – 6pm Monday- Sunday, vaccinating around 1500 people a week. 

Vaccinating was highly important and a top priority for the medical centre however, it was crucial that that building was fire safe. Having a fully working fire alarm system in a medical facility Is not only a law but it is also essential when ill or less able people will be on the premises. 

For this project we needed to arrange an incredibly quick project turnaround. The system was to be upgraded which meant we kept existing cabling and replaced all devices, fixtures, and panels. We sent a team of install engineers into work on the system so it could be completed in the quickest time possible with minimal disruption to the facility.

The system upgrade included replacing 36 smoke detectors, a heat detector, a fire panel, and some call points. As you can see from these pictures the new system is extremely neat. We worked to replace the devices in the exact places where existing devices were installed as to keep holes and mess to a minimum. 

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Work completed:

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  • Fire Alarm System – Upgraded System

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