Oakham Treasures

Sector: Special
Location: Portbury, Bristol

Upgrading a security system for one of the UK’s largest privately owned museums.

Oakham Treasures is one of the largest privately owned museums, boasting a large collection of retail and farming history. Opened to the public since July 2008, it is already an award-winning attraction.

The museum was opened by the Sherrell family following the owner’s passion for collecting farm machinery. Over the years the collection has grown and has been organised and displayed by the family for the public to enjoy.

Boasting such a vast selection of collectable goods requires a top of the range security system to ensure these pieces are safe. Previously we installed a CCTV system to cover the car park, museum, and entrance.
After having the system installed for over 10 years, the customer decided that it was time to upgrade their system.

We changed all the cameras to newer models and installed 2 HD monitors in place of the old one.

There are many reasons you may decide to upgrade your CCTV systems including:
– Better quality images produced
– New technologies available such as app compatibility
– Keep system up to date
– As cameras age, they can become costly to maintain and parts can be hard to get a hold of

Want to find out more about Oakham Treasures? View their website here: https://www.oakhamtreasures.co.uk/

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