Orchard House

Sector: Residential
Location: North Somerset
Duration: 2 Months
Date Completed: February 2021

Work Completed

Working in partnership with Alliance Homes to install Access control in Orchard house.

Based in the West of England, Alliance Homes is a community-based social housing provider. It is one of the largest providers of social housing in North Somerset providing assistance to over 15,000 customers a year. 6,500 affordable and social rented homes are owned by Alliance Homes and managed by the 500 staff employed by the firm. Alliance Homes works with a range of local and regional agencies, including United Communities and Bristol Land Community Trust, to deliver their services and turnover £43 million annually.

Alliance work to not only provide affordable homes, they also provide a range of support and care services to help individuals get the most out of life. In 2014 Alliance linked up with Crossroads Care, Age UK and North Somerset Community Partnership to lead the Crossroads Alliance and provide support to unpaid carers to help them carry on caring for their loved ones. Alliance Living Care provides 365 days a year to care for customers on behalf of the North Somerset Council as well as providing care for private customers.

A.P.E has had the pleasure to work with Alliance Homes on many projects in the past. Orchard House is one of these. Orchard House is a retirement block located in Worle. This property has 35 flats of different sizes with different facilities including a lounge and laundry room.

For this project working with Alliance Homes, A.P.E installed a full access control system. We installed an intercom on the outside of the property, mounted onto a bespoke brushed chrome panel for a neat and professional finish. This intercom is connected to Audio-only entry monitors. These look like simple landline phones and work in a similar way. A visitor or guest will buzz the intercom which will connect to the phone in the required flat, then the resident in the flat will answer, speak to the visitor and then from the comfort of their flat they can choose to either allow or deny access.

Taking into consideration the people that are living in these retirement homes this is a highly suitable system. It is very easy to use, a simple token, could be a card or fob, can be used by residents to enter the property. Additionally, they can easily grant access to visitors without leaving the comfort of their flat.

A.P.E installed this system during the pandemic. Due to the facility being a retirement complex all the residents are in the high-risk category. This meant that we had to take extra special precautions to ensure the safety of both our engineers and the elderly citizens of Hobbs Court during this work. All engineers were always to wear face coverings when inside the building, gloves and are required to sanitise all surfaces once working the area.

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