Providing Fire Safety and Security Systems in a New, Local, Purpose Built Medical Centre

Location: Cardiff

Work Completed

Intruder Alarm
Fire Alarm System
Disabled refuge
Panic Alarm
Access Control

Professional fire safety and security in a medical centre is crucial for many reasons. Whilst keeping potentially vulnerable patients safe is one there is also the need to keep medicines secure. 

Here we have installed:

Whilst all these systems are integrated to provide a high level of safety and security in this premise, the access control system was a highly important part of this design. The PC based access control system will be installed at the premises to authorise access and monitor usage of the building. Access rights are personalised to each user via the PC to either allow or deny access. These cards are can also be set to ‘expire’, prompting the system to alarm if one of these cards is used to access after this time. 

Having these access control systems set up on all internal doors allows the follow:

  • Secure patient rooms with no access without a valid card or fob
  • All medicines and equipment can be kept in a secure room with staff only access
  • Entrance allowed only when authorised
  • More secure than physical keys

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