Redmaids' High School


School Lockdown System for School Located in Bristol City Centre

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Sector: Education
Project Duration: 2 Months

Location: Bristol
Date Completed: 2018

Aimed at schools, colleges, nurseries, and universities, lockdown systems play a vital part in alerting and coordinating a lockdown procedure. In the event of a threat or incident which requires a quick response, the lockdown system can provide audible and visual lockdown alert signals around the premises. 

Lockdown systems are completely customisable for each situation. Our lockdown systems will have a distinctly different sound to the fire alarm system alerts. There also needs to be training with staff and students practising the drills and distinguishing between the alerts. 

For this project, Redmaids’ High School is made up of many buildings and is located in the centre of Bristol. This system is a very important part of this school’s security system and has been used effectively by the school. 

If an incident or threat was to occur near the school the lockdown system could easily alert the premises and mean that the lockdown procedure could take place. Here is a review from the Estate Manager at Redmaid’s school:

As you can see from this review below, this is how a lockdown system would be used in a real-life situation to ensure the safety of everyone on-site!

“The lockdown alarm system installed by APE has been a great investment and was recently tested by an incident which happened directly outside the school gates. The alarm was activated, and lockdown procedures were followed for the safety of staff and pupils who were still on-site at the time.  The lockdown alarm system enabled us to act quickly and efficiently until the all-clear was given by the authorities”.

Work completed:

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  • School Lockdown System

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