New Full Fire Alarm – Tyntesfield.

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Project Duration: 9 Months

Date Completed: August 2019

Tyntesfield is a hugely historic site located in North Somerset, England. The house is a Grade I listed gothic style Victorian house and estate which in 2002 got put in the care of the national trust.

The name Tyntesfield is derived from the owners the Tynte baronets who had owned the estate in the 1500s. A mansion was added to the grounds in 1830 and bought by Williams Gibbs shortly after. Gibbs commissioned an architect to design the main rooms inside the house using gilded panelling, woodwork and fireplaces all in a gothic style. After this refurbishment in 1860 Gibbs had the house significantly expanded to create 23 main bedrooms, 47 including the servants’ accommodation came to an equivalent to £6.7 million in today’s money. Adding to this in 1870 a gothic chapel was added to the north side of the house.

Money was raised through crowdfunding and donations for the national trust to be able to purchase the extensive grounds. Once acquired the trust sold some of the land which is now known as Charlton farm. Despite this, the Tyntesfield estate still has 160 acres of land and all its properties.

After taking ownership in 2002, National trust staff secured the house and garden and went about preserving them. The initial conservation work was focused on the weatherproofing of the house, in particular the roof which is 20 times the size of the average British family’s home. This took around 18 months and included the restoration of the original bold red and black tiled geometric diaper pattern. The entire property was rewired with special copper sheathed cabling which is fire and rodent proof. Interior scaffolding was installed in the hallway to repair the lantern roof light which is at an astounding 13 meters high.
Tyntesfield is still undergoing restoration work to this day and as more rooms are restored, they are added to the tour.

Work completed:

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  • Full Fire Alarm
  • Aspiration System

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