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Disabled Refuge Systems in Bristol and the South West

A disabled refuge is a dedicated and strategically placed area within a building designed to provide a safe place for individuals with disabilities and mobility challenges during emergency situations, such as a fire. 

Disabled refuge systems typically feature clear signage, accessible facilities, and communication devices (known as Emergency Voice Communication Systems or EVCS’s), ensuring that those who may require assistance can await evacuation or aid in a secure environment.

A.P.E Fire & Security are qualified and experienced fire safety consultants and installers of Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS)

Fire alarm systems and installations that meet British standards

Combining over 40 years of experience with the latest technologies, we are experts at ensuring that our systems and installations meet the stringent and precise requirements outlined by the British Standards Institution (BS 5839 and EN54).

Emergency Voice Communication System Installation

An EVCS is a two way communication device that allows someone within a disabled refuge to communicate with those outside. These systems provide a reliable means for building management and emergency services to convey important information to occupants, including finding their location and reassurance that help is on the way

Our EVC Systems

Working in close partnership with Notifier Fire Systems, A.P.E Fire & Security are proud to be specialist installers of Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS), helping to ensure your safety should the worst happen.

Our secure, fully-duplex EVCS has been designed to comply with BS5839 Part 9:2003, and contains specialist features to particularly support fire fighters within high-rise buildings or large sites where radio communication may not be possible.

These bi-directional Emergency Voice Communication Systems can be used as fire telephone communication systems, disabled refuge call systems or as a combined system when both fire telephones and disabled refuge points are required.

Our Type B Outstation, for example, is a fixed and monitored voice communication system that can be used to assist the orderly evacuation of the mobility-impaired, or to enhance the communication of fire fighters during emergency situations.

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