Fire Aspirating

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Maximising the performance of your fire detecting capabilities.

A.P.E Fire & Security specialise in the installation of fire aspirating systems – systems that are able to detect fires at an early stage, often before an open fire and intense smoke develops. Early detection is paramount to high-risk applications such as EDP areas and network operating centres, particularly because they have an increased fire risk due to high power requirement and the density of equipment.

Aspirating systems provide an ideal solution to maintain fire detection in areas that become inaccessible once a building is complete, for example, in areas with large mechanical duct work, lift shafts or voids. The pipe work is carefully designed by our team to ensure safe future maintenance is achieved, complying with CDM maintenance requirements. For example, lift shaft detection will be engineered to prevent future access being required to the lift shaft for maintenance.

We installed a complex aspirating system at Berkeley Green UTC to help protect their inaccessible, high-level ceilings. The system has been designed with the end user in mind, removing the requirement of specialist high-level access equipment and the dangers of engineers working at height.

Fire alarm systems and installations that meet British standards

Combining over 40 years of experience with the latest technologies, we are experts at ensuring that our systems and installations meet the stringent and precise requirements outlined by the British Standards Institution (BS 5839 and EN54).

FAAST™ – Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology.

FAAST’s dual-vision sensing technology allows for vital information to be read quickly and easily, either through the device’s intuitive integral display, or through a range of remote devices. This innovative technology uses a blue LED to provide you with essential data. It includes a full range of fault indicators, 5 alarm levels and 10 pre-alarm particulate, as well as a 10-level airflow pendulum which confirms whether air is effectively flowing through the network of pipes.


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Working in partnership with Notifier, we can achieve the highest possible performance of your aspiration system. Our extensive variety of aspiration accessories (which meet the requirements of BS5391 Part 1, EN 61386-1 and EN 54 Part 20 standards where appropriate) are designed to optimise the performance of FAAST™ and other low pressure aspiration systems.


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