Honeywell Security Products, Devices and Solutions 2019 – Best Honeywell Security Products for your Building

Here at A.P.E. Fire and Security, we provide industry-leading, reliable and innovative fire and security systems and products. Our solutions include the design, installation and maintenance of fire alarms, intruder alarms, access control and CCTV. We’re dedicated to only using the very best products and solutions to help exceed our customers’ expectations.

A very popular and reputable brand that we often use is Honeywell.

Honeywell Security is a provider of access control, intruder alarms, video surveillance and integrated security solutions for both commercial and residential markets. We’ve been using their products and solutions for many years now, so we can ensure you get the most out of them.

Honeywell products offer sophisticated technology that is focused around integration and scalability – ideal for commercial properties. This means they are the perfect solution for properties and businesses that want security solutions that are flexible and can adapt with their needs over time.

Before investing in any brand or product, it’s always useful to talk to an expert and get personal recommendations to your specific circumstances and requirements. Simply get in touch with us here at A.P.E. Fire and Security and we’ll be more than happy to help get you started with everything you need to know about different fire and security options.

Top Commercial Honeywell Security Products

Honeywell have a wide range of products, from small business systems right up to global enterprise solutions. We’ve listed out some of their top products below that you may come across if searching for security products and solutions online.

For more information on the specifications and features of these models and devices, as well as any others, our expert team are always on hand to offer insights and personal recommendations from years of experience installing and maintaining these systems.

Galaxy® Dimension

The Honeywell Galaxy Dimension series offers a single integrated intruder security system.

The Galaxy Dimension is a high-end control panel that helps detect potential intrusion. There are different options to suit your specific requirements, such as number of doors, users, zones and groups. It is generally recommended for mid-large sized commercial installations.

There is also a user-friendly interface and mobile app, making the whole experience very simple and enjoyable – you’re able to take full control of your system wherever you are in the world

Galaxy® Flex

The Honeywell Galaxy Flex range (Flex 50, 20, 100) is a popular security solution for small businesses requiring Grade 2 security. The flexibility of these products mean they can be tailored to the needs of small to medium sized businesses efficiently and cost-effectively.

It is scalable too, so it can easily be adapted to grow as your business evolves over time (up to 100 zones).


Honeywell WIN-PAK provides users with a simple management of access control, video and intruder alarms via one interface. This makes it user-friendly and something that can be monitored quickly and efficiently.


The Honeywell MaxPro Cloud is an innovative solution to combine powerful security with cloud software. It gives small to medium sized businesses the ability to monitor security systems from the cloud, wherever they are in the world. This gives incredible flexibility for security management and drastically reduces the cost of IT networks.

It is scalable and allows security monitoring and management to scale seamlessly with a business.

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The best fire and security products for your project are likely to depend on specific details and requirements. If you’re looking to equip your property with the best security products and systems, whether that be Honeywell or an alternative, please contact us here at A.P.E Fire & Security.

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We also utilise a variety of other reputable brands and devices, all with their own unique advantages and benefits. Our recent blog post showcased some of the best Texecom products and devices out there, for example.

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