Tips for Making Your House Appear Unappealing to Burglars

The security of your home is something that must never be compromised. Protecting those who live in your home, as well as all of your possessions and assets, is something that must be treated as a priority.

If you’re not careful, your home can appear vulnerable and appealing to potential burglars. Having poor or outdated security measures in place will inevitably increase the likelihood of unwanted personnel targeting your home.

There are many ways you can reduce the risk of intruders from trying to gain illegal access into your home. Making sure your property is fitted with the most reliable security devices is the most effective method of protecting your home – the systems use incredibly advanced technology that makes it extremely difficult for thieves to overcome.

However, there are also other ways you can improve your property’s security. For example, implementing a few clever tricks to make your house seem less attractive or by making your home appear as though it is occupied even when no one is present.

Below we’ve outlined some of our top tips for discouraging burglars from targeting your home, but if you’re after even more support and assistance, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. We have over 40 years of experience in the security industry, and can provide specialist guidance needed for you to feel confident in your home’s safety.

Intruder Alarms

Installing a high-quality, wireless intruder alarm system into your property is an extremely effective measure of protecting your property – government statistics have shown that around 60% of burglaries attempted on properties fitted with an intruder alarm are unsuccessful. The alarms can be placed wherever you desire and they make a strong visual deterrent when they are visible from outside. Should an alarm be activated, you will be immediately notified.

Lock Doors & Windows

Locking your doors and windows is so simple, but its value shouldn’t be underestimated. Opportunism is what causes most burglaries, and seeing a window or door slightly ajar is a beacon of light for any passing burglars. Doors and windows should certainly be locked during the night and when you’re absent, but it’s not too much effort to also keep them locked throughout the day.

External & Internal Lighting

A huge factor in determining whether your home looks appealing to thieves is whether your property appears occupied. Lighting is a great way of making it seem as if someone is home, but leaving your lamps on all day is costly and is obvious to burglars that you aren’t home. Instead, install timers that will switch your lights on and off throughout the day, as if you were really home.

It is also worth fitting motion sensor lights outside the main doors of your house to illuminate any thieves trying to hide their movements.

4K HD CCTV Systems

CCTV is probably the most intimidating visual deterrent. The mere sight of a CCTV camera is enough to make thieves be on their best behaviour as they know that their every move is being recorded. People also feel much more comfortable and safer knowing that they have the presence of 24-hour CCTV outside their home, especially as remote monitoring allows you to view exactly what’s happening outside your house whilst you are at work or even on holiday.

If the worst was to happen and your property was robbed or damaged, your CCTV footage can be given to the police to help find and identify the culprits.

Hide All Valuables

As previously mentioned, opportunism is often what generates break-ins, so you need to avoid giving an intruder any indication as to what’s inside your home. All valuables, such as your phone, laptop and jewellery, should be kept out of sight, and all curtains should be pulled after dark.

Exterior Measures

The more difficult your home is to access, the less likely a burglar will be to attempt to break-in. Having a robust fence around the perimeter of your home can put off intruders from attempting to enter your premises, especially if they have to avoid sharp points or anti-vandal paint.

If you want to make it even harder for thieves to reach your property, consider installing an easy-to-use access control system. They provide a convenient and secure solution to controlling who has access to your building and can be fully integrated into your alarm system.

Getting Started with A.P.E Fire & Security

If you’re looking for an experienced and trusted team of security specialists to help protect your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are recognised by NSI as a NACOSS Gold member, meaning our fire and security systems are designed and installed to the highest quality British and European standards.

We can help ensure your property meets the growing demands of security and safety.

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