Outdoor Security Lights for Businesses

Outdoor Security Lights for Businesses

Domestic burglaries are more likely to occur during the day when no one is home, however, businesses could benefit from the security afforded from outdoor security lights when everyone goes home for the day.

Businesses are most likely to be targeted when the workday is over and everyone has gone home, therefore, when it is dark. Outdoor security lights can act as a deterrent, signalling to any intruder that their presence is known.

Why do Businesses Need Security Lighting?

Burglars are likely to strike properties they believe to be vulnerable and unprotected, often acting impulsively with little research. A huge deterrent for burglars is thinking the property is not vacant. By having security lighting around a business property, it may seem as though the building is still in use even past closing.

Security lights may also suggest a property is not venerable, and that effort has been taken to reinforce a building’s security or catch burglars. As a business owner, investing in security lighting is an effective way to highlight you are serious about protecting your property.

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What Types of Security Lighting are There?

Depending on how you want your security lighting to function, there are different types to suit your business property and your security needs.

Dawn to Dusk Security Lighting

Dawn to Dusk security lights use photocells to detect the amount of light outside and turn on/off accordingly. These lights are effective at making it seem as though the building is constantly occupied as if a person is controlling the lights. Dawn to Dusk security lights may aid CCTV capture, if correctly placed, by highlighting burglars and making footage clearer.

Security lights left on all night may, however, create a security issue by highlighting access points and making it easier for a burglar to see.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Security Lights

PIR security lights are triggered by rapid changes in temperature detected by passive infrared energy sensitive to the temperature of a human body. Therefore, PIR security lights are motion sensors, detecting changes and thusly triggering.

PIR security lights are effective at letting a burglar know they are not going unnoticed may be spotted. The sudden switch on of PIR security lights may catch the eye of any neighbouring properties to your business, who may then watch and report any suspicious activity.

Due to the fact they aren’t on all the time, PIR security lights are popular for being cost effective and making access points less obvious from afar.

Incorporate Security Lighting into a Security System

Although security lighting may help deter burglars, lighting alone is not an effective security system. To maximise your protection, consider incorporating additional security measures with security lights.

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Security Lighting and Cameras

A popular addition on modern security lighting systems are cameras. Not only will burglars be caught in the light, they will be recorded for good measure. Security cameras and motion sensor security lights can work in tandem, with one triggering the other to conserve energy.

Security Alarm

If your business has a burglar alarm, advertise it. Make sure there are stickers, signs, or a visible alarm on your building to warn potential burglars. Security lighting may help illuminate these warnings and make them clear to the burglar.

Tips for Security Lighting

If you decide to invest in security lighting, consult the exerts to ensure you get the most out of them.

Consider Placement

Make sure your security lighting is placed high up or in a hard-to-access place so as to prevent tampering. If someone can get close to your lighting or security system, they may be able to disconnect it and stop themselves getting caught.

Consider Power Supply

Whether your security lighting is battery powered or not, keep checking it works. Battery powered security lights are a good choice in the incident of power outages whereby hardwired security systems may fail.

Consider Brightness

While a dim light is unlikely to achieve the desired effect, its likely going to be favoured by neighbouring buildings. Be careful to check your security lighting isn’t too bright and disturbing surrounding buildings, and that it doesn’t create a glare on any cameras. To prevent this, consult security experts and installers to ensure optimum placement.

Consider Energy Efficiency

If you want to be more energy efficient, consider using PIR security lighting, and only having the lights on when triggered. If using dusk till dawn security lighting, look into solar power options which optimise light without using too much energy.

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