Public Building Security – Keeping the Public Safe

Public Building Security – Keeping the Public Safe

The security and safety of local authority premises, councils, government buildings and public spaces must be a top priority. Having fire and security systems that meet the unique requirements and challenges of any of these spaces needs careful design, installation and maintenance.

In this article, we delve into some important things to consider when addressing public building security. For help improving the security of a specific public space, simply get in touch with us here at A.P.E. Fire and Security for a chat with one of our expert team. From design recommendations to system installation, we can help take care of the whole process for you.

The Importance of Public Building Security

From hospitals to leisure centres, public buildings play an integral role in society, so keeping them safe and secure is something that cannot be ignored. They all have their unique designs, purposes and requirements, but they usually share some key security characteristics, including:

Protecting the Public

Being open to the public means these buildings carry with them unique challenges around authorized access. Access can change depending on specific circumstances, so more effort often needs to go into how the public are granted access to these buildings.

Safeguarding National Interest

Government offices, libraries, schools and other public buildings can often safeguard important information and sensitive data on citizens or specific projects. In some instances, it is of utmost importance that this data is stored securely and cannot be accessed or stolen by anyone. Such a breach could be a threat to national security.

Often High Target Buildings

Unfortunately, public buildings can often be a target for burglary or even terror related incidences. This means security often needs to go above and beyond that of a similar sized premise to ensure it can keep the public safe.

Security Strategies for Public Buildings

Security strategies for public buildings are two-fold. Firstly, they want to deter and prevent unauthorized entry, and secondly, they want to detect any forced break-ins/security issues and notify emergency services as soon as possible.

Access Control

Access control is one of the first things to consider when it comes to security. This technology helps better manage who can access what. In relation to a public space, this is particularly important as in most circumstances, the public will have access to some areas but not others.

For example, in hospitals, it’s important the public can access the hospital in the case of an emergency, however, it’s also important they can’t open every door and cupboard in the building, as some may include medical drugs or dangerous materials.

This means there needs to be careful consideration around access control within the building, as well as entry into the building.

For extra security, the use of physical barriers and other external features can also help prevent break-ins and unauthorized access. These are often useful to prevent vehicle access.

There are a variety of types of access control, from keypads, to fobs, to biometrics, so you can select one that best suits the specific building requirements.

CCTV and Monitoring

CCTV provides a clear recording of a particular space so you can review any potential break-in or suspicious behaviour.

CCTV also acts as a deterrent as intruders will be fully aware that their actions are being recorded so are less likely to attempt a break-in. This means placing CCTV at vulnerable points, such as doors and windows, is effective at preventing entry.

Our CCTV systems here at A.P.E. Fire and Security allow for remote viewing as well, helping observe all areas of a building from anywhere in the world. We can also go beyond simple CCTV observation solutions to advanced monitoring, such as vehicle number plate recognition (ANPR) and complex analytics, to deliver the highest standard in building surveillance.

CCTV cameras come in different styles, features and specifications, so we can help provide recommendations in relation to which type of camera and system is likely to be most effective for your particular building.

Intruder Alarms

In the unfortunate event of a forced break-in, intruder alarms help resolve the issue as soon as possible. Our systems can be fully monitored by being linked to a central monitoring station, which will immediately notify the local police or nominated key holder should an alarm be activated.

Similar to CCTV, the presence of intruder alarms can also be a deterrent against break-ins. Promoting the presence of intruder alarms within a public building can also be a worthwhile exercise.

Intruder alarms can be synced with other elements of a security system, such as panic buttons or smoke screens. Our team here at A.P.E Fire and Security can help offer recommendations in terms of which alarm system is best for your requirements. Each system carries with it unique benefits and features, and this will allow us to install a system that is perfectly suited to the building, its purpose and security needs.

Advanced Public Building Security

Public buildings and spaces can often be used for events and festivals. When the buildings are used for larger gatherings, extra security may be needed. This can upgrade the security level for the period of an event in which the area may be considered higher risk.

In these instances, using additional measures such as biometrics, drones, counter terror blocks and even security guards can help quickly and efficiently improve the level of security. These security measures may just be temporary, even for a day, but can help the public feel safe and improve the experience of a public event.

Learn More with A.P.E. Fire and Security

Here at A.P.E. Fire and Security, our 40 years of experience means we are perfectly positioned to help design, install and maintain security systems for public buildings and spaces.

We understand the unique characteristics and challenges facing these buildings and can ensure they become secure fortresses that keep people and contents safe.

For help getting set up with the best in public building security, simply get in touch with us here at A.P.E Fire and Security. Our expert team will help guide you through the whole process and ensure you feel confident in a system that works for you.

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