Security Tips & Ideas for Building & Construction Sites

Security Tips & Ideas for Building & Construction Sites

The security of a construction site is something that certainly needs to be addressed. Regardless of the type or size of project you’re working on, it’s imperative you equip the site with appropriate security measures to prevent trespassers and thieves from attempting to gain entry to the site.

Not only can construction sites be dangerous, but they tend to also contain a whole host of valuable and specialist equipment.

In this guide we’ve listed and explained some of our top tips for protecting your building site.

Secure the Perimeter

Securing your building site’s perimeter by installing a 2m fence should go without saying. It acts as a deterrent and is a physical barrier helping to prevent unauthorised personnel accessing the site. Be sure to maintain the fence throughout the project, ensuring it remains in good condition from start to finish (particularly look for gaps underneath, especially where there is uneven ground).

A standard fence is usually enough, but electric fences can sometimes be more beneficial. They’re incredibly difficult to scale and if anyone does try to cut a wire, a silent alarm will be triggered, notifying you that someone is in fact trying to intrude. Or if you want to take extra caution, consider using an access control system. Whether you use iris recognition, fobs, or swipe cards, access control systems provide a sophisticated way of monitoring who has access into the site.

Remember too to make sure all gates and entry points are locked after normal working hours and whenever the site is left unoccupied.

Utilise Signage

Another security measure we advise is to put up signs warning people of the dangers. Signs that advise potential trespassers of the risks and inform them that the site is being monitored are likely to deter them out of fear of the possible consequences.

Ensure the Site is Well-Lit

Making sure your building site is well-lit 24/7 is another effective method of security. It can trick any possible trespassers into thinking that staff are still working on site, helping to prevent opportunists from trying their luck. And if anyone does gain entry to your site, you’ll have a much better chance of seeing them (even at night).

Store & Lock Valuables in Shipping Containers

An important part of construction site security is making sure all valuables, equipment, machinery, materials, and resources are safely stored when workers are away and the site is vacant.

A popular solution and one that we often recommend is to store all of your belongings in shipping containers. They’re large and well-known for their tough and hard-wearing nature so are ideal for keeping possessions safe during all hours of the day.

Arrange a Security Risk Assessment

If you’re working on a relatively big construction site or anticipate your project to extend over a long period of time, something to consider is having a security expert visit your site to conduct a security risk assessment.

During the assessment your site will be inspected to identify all weak points and vulnerabilities. You’ll then receive bespoke and detailed recommendations for combatting these weaknesses to make sure your building site is kept safe and secure at all times.

Install CCTV Cameras & Intruder Alarms

Installing a CCTV security camera system throughout your site can go a long way to helping prevent losses as it will reduce theft and thus the negative financial impact on your business. They’re useful for monitoring your entire construction site and ensure you know what’s going on at your site at all times. If anyone planning to steal from your site sees a CCTV camera, entering your site suddenly becomes much less appealing. And even if a trespasser does proceed to enter the site, you will have high-quality footage of them.

Technology in the field of CCTV has developed significantly in the past few years. Here at A.P.E Fire & Security, for example, we install cameras capable of 4K resolution or greater and images can be compressed, stored and reviewed with almost zero loss to image quality. Our systems also enable easy remote viewing via smart devices, meaning you can view live footage of your site even when you’re not present, providing a similar level of security to having an onsite guard for a fraction of the cost.

In addition to a series of security cameras, consider the benefits of a security alarm system. The majority of security alarms feature a specifically placed sensor that is triggered when someone is close by, sensing their movement or body heat. The alarm will then either notify the police and/or you of a potential break-in, or if it’s an audible alarm, it will produce a loud noise to shock and surprise criminals, likely scaring them away before they can cause any damage.

Construction Site Security with A.P.E Fire & Security

Deciding which are the best measures to protect your building site will depend on a variety of factors, such as the equipment you store on site, the size of your site, the length of the project, and so on.

For professional and bespoke recommendations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with A.P.E Fire & Security today. With over 40 years’ experience in the fire and security industry, we specialise in providing the best security systems to help businesses protect their construction sites. Contact us today for free, no obligation advice or to arrange a site inspection.

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