Tips for securing your shed or outer building

Tips for securing your shed or outer building

Whilst many people take the time and money to secure their home and garages, many people forget about the security of their sheds or outer buildings. Sheds often hold a large amount of garden tools and machinery and can therefore be an easy target for intruders should they want to steal something.

In this blog we will discuss some tips for keeping your outer buildings secure.

Think about the positioning

The positioning of your shed or outer building should be away from view of a street or road. This makes it easy for intruders to get a good look at the building before even having to enter your premises.

The shed should also be easily viewed from the house. This means you can easily glance outside and see the shed.

Anchor down the building

If you have a small, light shed it may be a good idea to anchor it down to the ground. It will prevent thieves from being able to potentially lift the shed to get inside and will also stop it from blowing round in the wind.

Mark your belongings

This is a simple thing, but you should mark your belongings. This can either be with your name, initials or a print which is unique. Should your belongings get stolen the police can identify it as yours once found or if someone tries to resell the item it is a lot harder.

Obscure windows

Apart from doors, windows are the next weakest points of security on a shed.

Windows can be used by intruders to easily assess whether an outer building or shed is worth breaking into. It is important that should you have expensive equipment or machinery inside to block out the windows.

You could fit curtains and blinds but also you could use thick boards to cover the windows. With curtains and blinds you should ensure they are closed every time the building is vacant.

Ensure the building/shed is locked at night

If the shed does not have a lock it is worth buying a lock or using a padlock to add an extra layer of protection to the building.

A lock will just help to ensure that a burglar or intruder cannot just walk straight into the area. It will be much harder for them to break in undetected if there are these measures in place.

It is also important that you invest in a high-quality lock as flimsy one can be easy to bypass when breaking in.

Lock large items together

To make it much more challenging for thieves to be able to steal your belongings you should lock large items together in your shed or outer buildings.

Lawnmowers, bikes and other large machinery can be chained together, with a bike chain for example. This makes it increasingly difficult for a burglar to make a quick escape or even manage to get away with all or any of the big belongings in your outbuilding.

Fit an alarm

No matter how secure your outer building is, there will be times that thieves will get past all the obstacles put in place. Fitting an alarm is a great way to scare away intruders. You can place motion detectors or door sensors to sound whenever an intruder is detected.

An alarm system can be connected to your home intruder alarm so that it is easy to control and use.

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