Top Trends in Building Security for 2019

Building security has faced a revolution in the last 10 years or so. Technological advancements have allowed for new innovations and complex security solutions to be designed and developed, enabling building owners to vastly increase the level of protection on their property.

It’s important you stay at the forefront of the security industry and keep up with the most recent security practices, technologies and insights to ensure the safety of your premises is never compromised. It’s an ever-changing market, and the ones who get left behind are the ones at higher risk of being targeted by criminals.

Here we’ve explained some of the most in-trend security solutions that any property can leverage in 2019.

Wireless Security Systems

People want to achieve maximum security with minimal inconvenience, which is why wireless intruder alarms have become more and more popular over the last few years. They require no cabling through the walls of your facility, allowing them to be installed much quicker and easier than wired alarms. They can also be paired with other safety peripherals to create a smart and modern security system.

A huge benefit of wireless security products is that they are trickier for burglars to manipulate as there are no wires to cut. They’re also powered by batteries rather than the mains electricity supply, meaning they aren’t affected if your property has a power cut.

Biometric Scanners

Business owners want optimal levels of security, and end users want convenience and ease-of-use, which is why quick throughput biometric scanners are being utilised by businesses from all industries. Iris scans, facial recognition and finger prints in particular are favoured measures of access control due to their reliability, cost-effectiveness and speed.

Integrated Security Solutions

In the past, your average building would probably have one or two security measures, such as a single alarm or a single camera in place. However, criminals soon became alert and would quite easily find methods of overcoming these precautions.

Nowadays, owners of buildings are installing and linking multiple security products throughout their property to create an intricate and more sophisticated security system. Not only will they have several intruder alarms placed methodically throughout their premises, they’ll also have CCTV, access control and intercom systems installed too to make it even harder for criminals to manipulate. All these devices can be linked to each other, providing the building and everything inside with a higher degree of safety.

IP CCTV & CCTV Development

Long gone are the days whereby the recorded footage obtained from CCTV cameras appeared pixelated and unclear. Dramatic developments in this field have meant that people are now benefitting from higher resolutions at more affordable prices. Also known as Ultra HD and 4K, IP CCTV is a relatively new high-resolution format that comprises of four times as many pixels as standard HD, providing users with outstanding image quality.

Due to improved video compression and cloud-based storage, users can now even compress, store and review video recordings with almost zero loss to image quality. Building owners can also access all footage on their mobiles, tablets and other smart devices thanks to advancements in remote viewing.

Layered Security

Until fairly recently, the majority of site owners only focused on securing the ground floor of their building. Security devices were only installed to protect the ground level, leaving the rest of the building vulnerable. This meant that once someone got past the initial security, they instantly had access to the entire building.

Many building owners have now put extra effort into making sure their entire premises is equipped with tried and trusted security measures. Swipe cards, for example, continue to be installed on individual doors of retail stores, schools and commercial properties to reduce security threats and make it even harder for potential thieves to gain access.

Remote Monitoring

A trend that many homeowners are enjoying is the ability to access and control their home security from their smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you’re present in your home or are lying on a sunbed in a different country, as long as you have Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to instantly view your CCTV camera live feed/s as well as arm or disarm your system from your mobile.

You can also set up custom notifications so that you’re immediately informed if and when any alarm is triggered or disabled.

Hidden Security Devices

The aesthetics of a building (especially in shops and restaurants) is important to most site owners, so having an effective security system in place that isn’t too obtrusive has become a priority for many. Ensuring customers or clients do not feel overwhelmed by security systems, cameras etc. is now entirely possible, thanks to advances in the look, feel and size of the latest technologies.

Touchscreen Control Panel

The popularity of touchscreen control panels is soaring across properties in the UK. Not only do they provide a modern look, but they’re intuitive layout makes them easy-to-use. They enable users to quickly turn lights on/off, control the settings of each individual security peripheral and perform a variety of other functions, that older control panels are unable to, in just moments.

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