Understanding Intruder Alarm Accreditation in the UK

Understanding Intruder Alarm Accreditation in the UK

Intruder alarms play a vital role in building safety and operational efficiency. This means as a business owner, you want the confidence and peace of mind that all your security systems meet the highest standards.

Luckily, industry certifications and accreditation help to set benchmarks and expectations for external security providers. This helps consumers filter through the noise and discover technicians and suppliers who are reliable and knowledgeable when it comes to designing, installing and maintaining any aspect of a security system, such as intruder alarms. Accreditation helps customers know any work carried out will meet a specific standard, and when it comes to security and fire safety, this is incredibly important.

In this article, we provide a quick overview of everything you need to know about intruder alarm accreditation in the UK.

NSI Accreditation

The NSI is probably the best place to start when it comes to intruder alarm accreditation in the UK.

NSI stands for National Security Inspectorate, and is the hallmark of excellence for providers of fire and security systems. This non-for-profit organization ensures all approved companies continuously meet high standards in security and fire systems through ongoing auditing and tests.

NSI offers silver and gold certification, the latter reflecting their highest standards.

Providers are required to be very transparent in how they work if they want to gain accreditation from NSI. This transparency helps ensure suppliers are following recommended guidelines in every aspect of their daily operations. Independent auditors are welcomed to rigorously review and evaluate whether or not fire and security systems are being installed and maintained to the sufficient standard.

NSI accreditation also values staff training and upskilling workforces, ensuring that anyone involved in the installation process has relevant skills, knowledge and certification.

By ensuring anyone carrying out security work is NSI approved, you can be confident in their ability to assess your requirements and review all potential risks of a property.

Accreditation and Insurance

It is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to insist security features such as intruder alarms are fitted on certain types of properties (e.g., high-risk buildings).

Many insurance companies may also ask for security installation and maintenance to be carried out by accredited technicians, such as NSI. Cutting corners and using cheap providers that are not accredited could certainly come back to bite you with higher insurance premiums or even policies that become void.

Many insurance companies may also offer discounts for using accredited providers, as it helps demonstrate security systems that meet specific standards.

It is always worth consulting your specific insurance provider to understand how security systems may impact your policy.


It is also important, where applicable, any security systems meet the standards within the “Police Requirements & Response to Security Systems,” set out by the National Police Chiefs’ Council, NPCC.

This relates to Police response to potential burglary and crime, activated by security systems.

This code of practice ensures properties that need such features clearly meet specific standards when it comes to installation and maintenance of such systems.

British Security Industry Association

The BSIA is an independent body aimed at progressing the security industry. Membership to this association illustrates providers that value quality and professional security services. Members include manufacturers, distributors, technicians and consultants, creating an inclusive environment to discuss challenges and opportunities in security.

Membership to such an organisation ensures providers of intruder alarms stay at the cutting edge of innovation and best practice. Within such contexts, this also helps providers understand new technology entering the marketplace, and ensuring all systems are aligned with where the industry is heading.

Product/Brand Partner

If you have a specific security system brand in mind, such as Honeywell, you may also want to look out for specific providers that have partnerships with such manufacturers.

Product knowledge is a vital element when it comes to designing, installing and maintaining security systems and brand partnerships can ensure technicians are at the cutting edge of product updates and latest features.

This may be particularly important for properties that are looking for ongoing maintenance for an existing security system. Having experience with such products is undoubtedly a benefit and will likely help improve the efficiency of any work being carried out.


The BAFE Fire Safety Register is a certification for fire safety. This is worth highlighting for anyone looking for help with security systems, such as intruder alarms, as fire and security systems are usually so closely connected, it’s often more efficient to have a single provider manage both. In such instances, ensuring they also have the correct fire safety accreditation is vital. The BAFE Fire Safety Register signifies technicians and suppliers who meet the necessary standards to deal with fire alarms and fire safety products.

Learn More About A.P.E Fire and Security

Here at A.P.E Fire and Security, we pride ourselves on the continual and ongoing product development and technical training of our staff. We are regularly audited by NSI and BAFE, who scrutinize our processes, verify our expertise and randomly visit installations, the results of which mean that we have maintained the NSI Gold accreditation (formerly NACOSS) for over 20 years.

Recognised by NSI (National Security Inspectorate) as a NACOSS Gold member, our fire and security systems are designed and installed to the highest quality British and European standards (including BS4737, BS 5839, BS EN ISO 9001:2000 & PD662:2004)

This NSI Gold accreditation illustrates services that exceed customer expectations in fire and security safety, helping to give businesses peace of mind when it comes to managing these systems for their properties.

To learn more about our experience and services, simply get in touch with us here at A.P.E Fire and Security. Our expert team will help you understand everything you need to know about fire and security products and systems.

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