Videx Intercom Systems – Ultimate Guide to Videx Security Products & Systems

For over 40 years we’ve been supplying, installing and maintaining properties all over the UK with industry-leading fire and security products. We use only the best and most advanced solutions to ensure all of our clients’ premises are reliably secured 24/7.

We work with a wide range of reputable security brands, and one we regularly partner with is Videx, an established manufacturer and supplier of innovative access control systems.

Videx have been specialists in designing easy-to-use door entry intercom and access control systems for over 30 years. They offer an extremely wide choice of entrance panel, telephone and video design access control systems, all of which comply with the relevant regulations. Their systems provide the latest in access security, which is often utilised in schools, hospitals, residential homes and a variety of other buildings.

In this guide, we’ve listed and explained some of our favourite Videx systems to give you an insight into the different options available, as well as detailing the benefits each series can offer.

Best Videx Door Entry Systems

Videx GSM Intercom Systems

Videx’s GSM Door Entry Systems are one of their most popular systems. It comprises state of the art technology that enables automatic doors, gates and remote site installations to be operated from the user’s mobile phone. It can even be programmed with 4 telephone numbers (1 primary and 3 diverts) per button, allowing the system to divert a call if a number is busy or unanswered.

The digital door panel can call up to 500 apartments and have up to 1,000 dial-to-open numbers, making it the ideal system for residential buildings and other premises where the entry panel is some distance from the residence/gate system. It’s also convenient for remote site installations as no cabling back to a telephone is required. As many as 2,000 fobs or access cards can also be paired with its proximity reader.

6700 Series Colour Video Monitor

Perfect for private developments, individual houses, single apartments and high-rise installations with up to 1,000 apartments, the 6700 series colour video monitor is a hands-free surface mount videophone featuring a 7” Hi-Res full colour active matrix LCD screen. Some of its standout functions include “open door” and “privacy” (which can be accompanied by an indication LED), and a picture memory feature that can store up to 100 pictures with date and time. Call tone and speech volume can be adjusted to the user’s preference, as can the picture hue and brightness.

Available in a satin white or matt black finish, it’s a cost-effective solution for those wanting an attractive functional videophone, and can be mounted to either a wall or desk.

3000 Series Audio Headsets

Videx’s 3000 series includes an extensive range of modern telephone handsets manufactured in white impact resistant ABS plastic. The features of each model vary, but the series begins with a standard 2 button handset (having a release button and a spare dry contact service button), whereas further features are available with the additional handset models, such as an on/off privacy switch, intercommunication call facility and green door open LED. Induction coils can also be fitted within the handset to assist the hard of hearing, often making this series the favoured range for residential properties.

Which Intercom or Access Control System is Best for me?

So, as you can see, there’s a wide range of Videx intercom and access control systems available. The various series and models contain different features that enable them to provide their own unique set of benefits. However, there’s plenty of other manufacturers out there who also specialise in designing and creating reliable intercom and access control systems, so before investing in any brand or product, we highly recommend talking to a security specialist to get personal recommendations in regard to your individual requirements. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the range of manufacturers, provide professional tips and talk you through the different options available.

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