Will A Burglar Target Me Again?

Why are Recently Burgled Houses More at Risk From a Second Burglary?

Whilst studies show that it is likely that a second burglary can occur after an initial break-in, many people are slow to act securing their home after a burglary. This leaves opportunities open for the intruder to return with much more knowledge about the property.

The intruder will already know easy entrance and exit points, the floor plan and if they are smart enough, they will wait until all the things that have originally been taken are replaced. The replacement of these stolen items will often be newer and worth more.

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What can motivate a burglar to return to a property?

You would think that after putting themselves at risk of getting caught in your home the first time would be enough to keep them away, but it really is not. After the break-in a first time an intruder will likely know when the house is not occupied, making for an easy robbery. 

You are not expecting to be robbed so soon after the initial crime. This gives the burglar the upper hand as you spend weeks before upgrading your homes security system

Now the intruder knows the weak spots, the second burglary will be much easier for them 

He may have seen things he wanted to take the first time but did not have the time. Now the intruder knows where everything is, it can be a quick and easy steal. 

Will a burglar come back after a failed attempt?

Often a burglar will target a house for a reason. Whether they have seen that you have the newest gadgets or flimsy locks on your windows, a small set back when attempting to break in probably will not mean they will return. 

A potential burglar could have been put off by many things such as, but not limited to:

-They could have been disturbed by a neighbor or you are returning home 

-The house may have been occupied with people potentially in a room they were going to enter

-Your windows and doors were locked. They may be preparing to bring something, on their return visit, to pick the lock or a crowbar to break the window or door

-Could be scared off by a cheap dummy security alarm system. After some research, they may have discovered that this is a fake security system. 

How can I help prevent a burglary?

Unfortunately, many people are likely to put their home and business at risk to save some money. They may either decide that an alarm is unnecessary or that they can save money by buying a cheap DIY system. A big mistake that people make is not investing in a good quality, working security system. Whether for a home, business, or external property, it is always worth the money to protect your property, assets and the people in them.

Whether you have been a victim of burglary or not, it is not worth the risk of having any items stolen or broken for the sake of saving a bit of money. 

Many professionally installed security systems, if maintained well, can last for many years. Alongside this it can also reduce your home insurance premiums. 

We think it is best for everyone to secure their property with an alarm.

Whilst improving the locks on your windows and doors, this can often not be enough to prevent a second burglary. Unfortunately, if there is something that a burglar wants that much, they will break down a door, window or can break the door or window frame to allow access to the property.

We think the best way to keep your property secure is with a security system. A well-maintained security system can make all the difference in a burglary situation. Furthermore, someone is much more likely to get prosecuted and caught if a home has an intruder alarm and CCTV. 

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